Sending drawings by email

  greybeard 21:52 12 Feb 2003

I run coreldraw7 on win98SE and I should like to send a dimensioned sketch to someone who hasn't got the same software.
Corel has an "export via internet" choice, but when I tried to open the saved file in IE6 the result was a grey background screen - no drawing.
Saving the draw file as a gif or bmp or jpeg loses all the fine detail.
Is there a universal draw equivalent of jpeg ?
Any other ideas would be welcome.

  jazzypop 22:42 12 Feb 2003

.WMF (Windows Meta File) is the nearest equivalent to a universal Draw file - all drawing programs, many graphics viewers, even MSWord can use it.

Even better, save as/export to .PDF , and view it in Adobe Acrobat Reader (if V7 of Coreldraw has that option - I can't remember offhand, certainly the more recent versions can).

You could try selecting the whole graphic, Copy and then Paste into MSWord - it just might retain sufficient detail.

  Pesala 22:44 12 Feb 2003

Does your friend need to edit the drawing, or just look at it? You could print it to a file formatted for his printer, and email that *.prn file.

He does a binary copy to his printer from a DOS box:

COPY Filename.prn lpt1:/b

That would give him a sharp printout.

I use Corel Draw 9
I have a customised London Underground Map, quite detailed, lots of text. Exported as WMF (329 Kbytes) Text as Text, and imported that into Page Plus DTP. Looked pretty good.

  greybeard 23:56 12 Feb 2003

It looks like wmf, but I do like that idea of a printer file - seems quite a lateral piece of thinking !!

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