Send / Receive dialog in Outlook

  so3003 12:13 05 Jan 2003
  so3003 12:13 05 Jan 2003

Thanks for the help with my video card question, I wonder if anyone could help me with this?

I'm running MS Outlook 2000 (as opposed to Outlook Express), and for some reason, when I send and receive email it's not bringing up the dialog box that shows mail uploading / downloading. I know it's not that big a deal but I would like it to work again!

All I can think of is that someone has been mucking about on my computer and has changed something, but I don't have a clue where to find any settings for that type of thing... any ideas?


  Steve- 12:34 05 Jan 2003

Click: Tools, Send/Receive settings then Show Progress, and untick the don't show dialog box.

  so3003 13:14 05 Jan 2003

Can't find a Send/Receive settings area in Tools menu or from Tools->Options :(

  Steve- 13:22 05 Jan 2003

Sorry, I am running Outlook 2002, in this it is the second item down under the tools drop down menu. I thought 2000 was similar but it may not be so. Appologies.

  DieSse 13:59 05 Jan 2003

OK - for Outlook2000 - when it's actually doing a Send/Recieve, go to the bit in the bottom right hand corner, where it says Checking Mail, and you will see an arrow next to it.

Click on the arrow and you will get a dialogue box with Details. Click Details, and up they come - then you can untick the Hide box.

  Steve- 14:34 05 Jan 2003

For info, I tried this on my version of 2000, the arrow did nothing! I then created an incorrect email login and Outlook gave an "error please click here" message bottom right and this gave access to the Progress page.

  so3003 14:46 05 Jan 2003

I've managed to get the dialog to come up by putting a wrong password into a mail account, and when it came up the "hide" box was indeed checked.

Thanks for your help everyone. (I wonder if there is an option anywhere for this though?!)


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