Send link to coaxial cord on amazon

  alexjsmarch 16:53 22 May 2017

Can somebody please send me a link for a cable that would go in my coaxial input and coaxial output on my pc. Can it please be a link from amazon thank you!

  BRYNIT 17:08 22 May 2017

What part of you PC are you trying to connect a Coaxial cable to. If it's a TV card make and model would help as they do not always have the same type of connection.

  alexjsmarch 17:11 22 May 2017

Erm sorry, I don't really know, I'm just trying to plug it into the back of my computer? Here's a pic: click here

  BRYNIT 17:22 22 May 2017

Looking at the picture it does not look like a coaxial connection but look like the connection for an a Wifi Wireless Router Aerial Antenna CLICK HERE

If this was a prebuilt computer it should have been supplied. Make and model number would help to identify it correctly.

  alexjsmarch 17:35 22 May 2017

Oh oops I need to plug my DAC into my PC and with it from the coaxial in on the DAC, shown here click here , how would I do that then?

  alexjsmarch 17:36 22 May 2017

BTW my make is a zoostorm, model number 7200-5010/A

  Govan1x 17:39 22 May 2017

Are you using Virginmedia.

If so cable would look like this. This is only an example of what would be needed but maybe in a shorter length.

Click here

  Govan1x 17:41 22 May 2017

Ignore Last.

  BRYNIT 18:42 22 May 2017

Looking closely at the picture you supplied @ 17:11 the top three are Mike, audio out (Speakers etc) and audio in connections and the bottom one still looks like a Wireless LAN PCI Card where you would screw on an antenna to allow the WiFI to work correctly.

Looking at the second picture @ 17:35 this seems to be a S/PDIF Digital to Analog Converter for audio output so it seems you are trying to connect some kind of audio device. Knowing a little more on what you trying to connect to your computer may help us help you.

  Forum Editor 18:53 22 May 2017

The connector on the TV card on your PC is the same as a satellite LNB connector. The yellow socket on the Digital and Analog audio Decoder is a conventional coax cable socket.

As BYNIT says - what exactly are you trying to do here?

  Miss Swift 22:18 22 May 2017

There is no TV Card from the image shown. That connector is known in the trade as an RP-SMA Female. Commonly used for, you guessed it a Wireless LAN Card.

click here connect your DAC to your PC, your soundcard needs an, as BRYNIT mentioned a S/PDIF connection which from the images shown you don't have.


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