Send file by email via Thunderbird

  The Potter 13:35 07 Oct 2010

At work, we have now been taken off Outlook exchange and put on Mozilla Thunderbird. When I'm in an excel workbook (for example), I used to be able to go to 'file' and 'send to mail recipient' and it would attach the workbook to an email.

Is there anyway this can be set up to attach to a Thunderbird email? The system obviously says you can set up a new profile but I'm thinking this must be linked to Outlook only.

Running WIn XP.

Many thanks


  Sea Urchin 15:27 07 Oct 2010

Open Internet Explorer - go to Tools - Internet Options - Programs tab and beside Email select Mozilla Thunderbird - click Apply and OK.

  The Potter 15:51 07 Oct 2010

Hmmm, that doesn't do it.

I don't know Thunderbird that well but maybe the following is relevant ..... we don't go online to access it, the software is downloaded on our systems. Or maybe I need to restart?


  Nontek 15:53 07 Oct 2010

Or failing that, go to Start>Set Program Access and Defaults then click on Custom, to set up as required.

  The Potter 16:10 07 Oct 2010

I can't see how to tell the machine that TB is my default email option, it just gives me the option to use my 'current' one. I've ticked the box to enable access to it but in the file itself it still wants to send via Outlook. I have also gone to the mail folder in control panel and removed Outlook as the default.

I expect I'm missing something somewhere, sorry.

  Nontek 16:19 07 Oct 2010

You don't need to tick the box!!

  The Potter 16:50 07 Oct 2010

Box unticked, still doesn't work :-(

I'll be shutting down in a mo so I'll come back to it tomorrow, maybe the restart will help but I still don't know how the PC can know TB is my email service and not Outlook?


  Sea Urchin 16:52 07 Oct 2010

I didn't suggest "going on line" - yes Thunderbird like many other mail programs is downloaded on your system. But did you go into Internet Options and change the email program to Thunderbird?

  Sea Urchin 16:56 07 Oct 2010

That's how the PC knows it is your default. I've just selected Thunderbird on my system, and it automatically attaches an Excel (or any other) file to a Thunderbird email.

  Belatucadrus 16:57 07 Oct 2010

It should be possible to do it via Thunderbird, go :- Tools / Options and select the Advanced section, General tab. Look for System Integration and click the Check now button This will open a small window that should set Thunderbird as the default mail client after that Excel should pick it up automatically.

  The Potter 10:07 08 Oct 2010

I did go to Internet Options and change the email prog to TB

I've done as Bel suggested and I get the following error message:

"Either there is no default mail client or the current email client cannot fill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set as the default mail client"

I shut down TB and opened it again but still no luck. I must be so close, I'm just missing something......

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