sempron v intel

  tizerlily 23:02 23 Sep 2005

can anyone tell me which is best intel 2.8GHz orAMD sempron 2800+socket 754 processor

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:17 24 Sep 2005

I would probably say the intel, its faster.

But the sempron looks like it is a 64bit chip, If you don't need the 64 bit, then go for the intel.

But I usually go for the AMD chips, for the sake of them being cheaper.

  Strawballs 23:38 24 Sep 2005

Are you saying it is faster just because of its higher clock speed. It would be like saying that an american muscle car is faster than a Ferrari because it has a bigger engine

  Skills 01:41 25 Sep 2005

I don't know much about the sempron chips but I would say it would depend on what you wish to do. As far as I have read the intel chips (p4) are better for video editing / encoding work.

From what I can see that sempron chip could be either 32bit or 64bit, on AMD product comparison page click here they compare the sempron to a celeron chip so am not sure if that is the market the chip is aimed at.

If you go down the AMD route you might be better off going for a 64bit athlon chip you can pick up the 3000+ for about £100. Also the socket 754 has been surpassed by socket 939 so you may want to go for that instead.

  DieSse 10:21 25 Sep 2005

It depends a lot on which intel chip - a 2.8 Pentium4 is significantly better than a 2.8 Celeron (which is basically a "cut-down" Pentium4)

  tizerlily 10:35 25 Sep 2005

thanks I think i know which i am gonna go with now,, i dont understand why manufactures dont make an idiot proof computer for us who just want to turn it on and hey presto

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