Sempron 3400+ CPU Cooler Required

  Ben 216 19:59 27 Jun 2006

Hi, am building a system with an Asus K8V-X SE and Sempron 3400+. I have ordered the parts from eBuyer, and thought I should probably add a quieter CPU cooler while the order is open (will be closed some time tonight I think).

I've seen this at Ebuyer, but not convinced it will fit the motherboard, can anyone confirm?
click here

I have £25 max to spend including shipping (so would rather buy from ebuyer) as I'm on someone else's budget!

Any suggestion appreciated, thanks in advance!

  Diodorus Siculus 09:25 03 Jul 2006

Almost a week later :-(

How did you get on?

  rmcqua 11:48 03 Jul 2006

Well, the Sempron 3400+ is a socket 754 device and this cooler is supposed to accept socket 754 CPUs, so presumably it worked OK?

  Ben 216 13:27 03 Jul 2006

I wasn't sure about the motherboard because my Zalman cooler on Socket A required 4 mounting holes in the motherboard.

I got an Akasa £14.99 cooler from maplins that clips straight onto the existing mounting.

Idles in a hot room in hot weather at 36C, played UT2004 for an hour in the same conditions and it went up to 56C.

  rmcqua 14:28 03 Jul 2006

In that case, it seems to be working OK. I wouldn't be worried with 56C continuous playing in a hot room. Just make sure you keep the fan/cooler dust free on a regular basis.

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