Sempron 2200 registers as Athlon MP 900 - Why?

  Jeffers22 11:46 14 Feb 2005

I've just put together a cheap test PC, it has a 2200 Sempron on a PC Chips mobo. Until I loaded XP Service Pack 2, it was correctly identified as a Sempron 2200, (except on one boot) but now it shows in the boot up, and on the front page of System Properties, as an AMD Athlon MP 900 Mhz.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

  Gongoozler 12:18 14 Feb 2005

Not an answer but click here

  Jeffers22 12:50 14 Feb 2005

Thanks for the link .... interesting to know I'm not alone. What puzzles me is that regardless of speed, it was recognised as a Sempron pre install of SP2 and an Athlon MP afterwards. Unless AMD are selling the Athlon MP as a Sempron to clear stock? Will try the multiplier within the bios and see what happens.

  pk470 14:02 14 Feb 2005

Has your MOBO defaulted to 100mhz??

  Jeffers22 14:14 14 Feb 2005

Nope. CPU Requency set at 166Mhz. Cannot see a line to set the multiplier. Got me beat.

  Jeffers22 17:33 14 Feb 2005


  Jeffers22 19:33 14 Feb 2005

In case anyone is interested, I have upped the Mhz in the bios by 5 to 171 and now it registers as an Athlon MP 1800+ at 1.54 Ghz. Still not right, but at least the ghz rating is close to where it should be.

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