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  [DELETED] 15:51 05 Dec 2003

Hi all,

Just looking for some advice on selling my domain name. My website currently attracts approximately 100 hits per day but has been known to reach 287 in one day. These are "hits" and not unique visitors.

How much would a domain name like this be likely to attract. I understand these figures are very small compaered to some websites, but I have no idea of the market as I am only 14 years old. The website is one which other people my age from around my town go on to speak to one another, and read any news developments which may interest them. Polls and chat pages are also present.

So, do unique visitors count + how much would a domain name attract on the open market. I know I would be able to sell the site for at least £15 to someone at school, not very much I know to what adults earn, but good for me. So, how much?


  [DELETED] 17:23 05 Dec 2003

on what the domain is....

If it was one for something that is popular, maybe rock star or game then it would fetch good money.

Being that it is a site that is only accessed via you and friend's at the moment, it wont do that well.

Main things you have to look at is see what potential there is for it.

What domain is it by the way?

  Forum Editor 18:55 05 Dec 2003

are advertised on ebay, and there's a healthy market for good names. The prices paid tend to be a lot less than in the heady days when dotcom names were being traded for millions of dollars, but if you have a desirable name you can still get a reasonable price.

The problem is a bit like finding a partner - you need to find the right person for your name, and they need to find you. The only way this is going to happen is if you advertise, and that's where it can get difficult.

You have to start somewhere, so I suggest you
click here

Don't get too excited - many names never sell, and it can take months.

  [DELETED] 20:16 05 Dec 2003

That's the domain name, but I know it's not a good domain name, it's just because of the visitor numbers that it attracts because of my site content. Any prospective buyer would enjoy similar hits to get their website started.

  [DELETED] 20:58 05 Dec 2003

That is not actually a domain... it is a subdomain name....

Basically it cost's nothing to get one.

You could sell the coding of the site to your friend in my opinion, but the domain is one that i could go to many places and get in different form's.

The way i would do it is to transfer the web site into the person that is buying it's name, then sell the files that make the site, which would be where you make the money.

  [DELETED] 10:20 06 Dec 2003

And how much would you say it would be worth if it could attract 287 hits in a day? :)

  [DELETED] 10:27 06 Dec 2003

Getting the 287 hits a day alone isn't worth very much. If you knew demographics of those visitors and knew they clicked 1 advert every visit then you may be adding value. Websites only generate money (and hence have value) if they get people to part with their money.

  Forum Editor 15:19 06 Dec 2003

it isn't the 'hits' that count, it's what you do with the visitors that adds value. A new domain name owner isn't really going to think twice about your 287 hits a day, and I wouldn't get your hopes up. The name probably isn't worth much more than you paid for it, unless the new owner wants to use it for the same purpose - then it may have a slightly enhanced value.

  [DELETED] 15:26 06 Dec 2003

Yes the owner would be using it for the same purpose. If that is the case, I just want to know a very rough figure. I don't know if we're talking £100's or £10's.

  [DELETED] 16:46 09 Dec 2003

To be honest if the website is only get 287 hits a day and the new owner is going to take over and run the same type of site its really down to if the new owner wants to "buy" the 287 hits a day or start from scratch.

If you had a domain name like www. bbc . co . uk or virgin . net then because they are recognised world wide they are worth millions (??)

but DundeeMHS.cjb.net pretty much only means something to a few people i suspect.

Ask for what you paid for it plus a tenner...

  PurplePenny 19:52 09 Dec 2003

You said that you could sell it to someone at school for £15. If only one person wants to take it over then that's all that it is worth. On the other hand if two people at school want the website then you can play them against each other and get more (maybe).

As Jester has pointed out a domain name will only make lots of money if it has an intrinsic value. So if you happen to be called "Boots" and got the boots. co. uk domain first you would very likely find that Boots the Chemist would want to get it off you. But the oddest things can give a name value - as an example people will pay good money for seemingly meaningless car registration numbers just because the particular combination of letters and numbers *does* mean something to the buyer.

I don't know the significance of the name of your site so I have no idea of its intrinsic value but as has already been pointed out it is a sub-domain so anyone else could go to another freebie site and call themselves DundeeMHS. So we are back to the situation that Pilch described - that you are really selling the work that you have put into the site rather than the name.

You've obviously put a great deal of work into the site, it looks good but it's really only worth what people are willing to pay.


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