selling question, need answer if you can

  Jade 14 G 12:27 06 Mar 2007

Was saying last night would not bother you but wanted to ask if you have a answer for this.
I teach online had one demanding student who wants a years course plus re- wrote very easy.
I said no and after lots of nasty emails blocked them so now there changing email addys to get through, checked with paypal and was told it was a service l do not have to give a refund, My question is there any way she could go higher as she says and is there anywhere l can go for advice.
I know its not your type of question but am at a loss were to go.

  ArrGee 12:38 06 Mar 2007

Hi Jade, it's a little tricky to decipher your request. With all respect, may I suggest you read through your request and repost with a little more detail.

The second line in particular seems to make no sense.

Hope to be able to help after a re-post.


  Technotiger 12:39 06 Mar 2007

Hi, if you are in UK, I would advise you to go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

  Jade 14 G 12:57 06 Mar 2007

The citizans advice bureau l have rang but no help as its online.
The short versian, a customer is demanding her money back and is sending nasty emails about it to me, then l block the email address so they send another after changing email address.
I have a good reason not to refund it,now saying there going higher is there anyone they can go to and also is there anywhere l can go to online for advice about it.

  donki 13:02 06 Mar 2007

What is your good reason? There isnt really anyone she can go to, unless the Police and i doubt they will investigate unless u have blantantly took money from her and not indeed proveded her with any service?

  ArrGee 13:06 06 Mar 2007

This really does depend on the nature of the complaint, the services that you have provided and also the reasoning behind why you feel a refund is not applicable.

There are many variables involved in providing a satisfactory answer here. It may be a good idea to contact a solicitor for advice. Many tend to give half hour initial advice free of charge.

Apart from this, you should keep a copy of the emails being sent to you. If the emails are becoming quite nasty or threatening, this could constitute harassment.

On the subject of email harassment, this link may be of some help:
click here

  Jade 14 G 13:13 06 Mar 2007

will try the ink , thanks for this,

  Pamy 17:05 06 Mar 2007

Jade 14 G, could you perhaps tell us what you teach online? There may be an association you can turn to.

  Jade 14 G 19:26 06 Mar 2007

I teach textile art, this lady wanted me to re- write a full years course that most take there time and its about 18 months and its a one to one course. This course has been tested on a fourteen old girl and if it was any easier it would be a insult to students.
Before she started she was sending a least 20 emails a day but the problem is that the classes that went wrong were not my classes because l did re- wite the first three so l knew by what she said itwas not mine but is now sending bad emails and now her husband is. I did so much work with her l had earned most of it before we started but botom line is l re-write them all just for her or give the cash back.I did not write it all but have searched all over but most men would not know what textile at was if it them in the face. If they want to know, its click here

  lotvic 19:44 06 Mar 2007

You are in business so you must be business-like in your dealings.
click here for details of Sale of Goods and Services for businesses.

I would think that you would need to give your customer a clear cut explanation of why they are not entitled to a refund - after you have checked that you are within the law!

  Jade 14 G 19:49 06 Mar 2007

I have sent up to now 4 emails why l am not giving a refund, first complaint in five years. thank you.

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