Selling-on a PC

  Jakey boy 18:53 17 Mar 2007

Hi all, been absent for a while I know, but have to ask this:

I have a spanking new HP Laptop which I bought just before christmas, and I do not really need it!! I now have someone who would like to buy it, but I'm worried that even if I re-install it back to it's original state, that the buyer will be in for a nasty surprise to find that the "Windows XP" installed on the machine has already been registered. Is this a problem? Or am I worrying needlessly?? See this thread esp rawprawn's comment-> click here

  Technotiger 19:00 17 Mar 2007

Hi, do you have the original XP CD? if so, I believe it is ok to sell the laptop complete with the Original CD - as long as the original XP remains on 'its' original pc. ie - one XP for only one computer.

  Technotiger 19:03 17 Mar 2007

PS - if I am wrong, no doubt 'they' will be queuing up behind me to say so :-))

  Migwell 00:40 18 Mar 2007

I think you are quite safe in what you say Technotiger you do not need to look over your shoulder for uncle Bill$ men coming to get you this time lol.

  Totally-braindead 00:56 18 Mar 2007

As long as the XP on the laptop is using the serial number on the laptop there is no problem at all.
The only time it would be a problem would be if you had used this serial number on another PC in which case it would refuse to validate.
Putting the laptop back to what it was originally and selling it on is quite legal.
If it wasn't how could anyone sell their second hand PCs?

  skidzy 09:22 18 Mar 2007

If you use a restore disc to reset the the machine back to factory settings,this will ask to be registered during the setup.
I have done it this week with a machine i rebuilt retaining the original harddrive and put the computer in another location registered to my son,all was fine.
The only little hiccup was contacting Microsoft to confirm the licience key as the motherboard was upgraded during the rebuild and the original key would not be accepted.

I see no problem in what you wish to do,as long as the os is original to the machine.

  Jakey boy 10:14 18 Mar 2007

"Putting the laptop back to what it was originally and selling it on is quite legal.
If it wasn't how could anyone sell their second hand PCs?"

My point exactly. Many thanks to all for your input, I can rest easy on the subject now.

  Technotiger 15:04 18 Mar 2007

Grreat, thanks for the feedback.

Migwell .... phew, wipes brow .... lol

  yorgie 20:01 19 Mar 2007

dont worry about it mate everything will be okay trust me looked up the legal info on this

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