Selling a PC

  ameba 20:37 20 Mar 2006

Anyone give me a rough idea what I could expect to sell my PC for. I am getting one of those employee deals for a chitty to buy a new one.
Just want to sell this one.
And is there anything else I need to let potential buyer know about the PC I am selling?

Windows ME:
ASUS Motherboard. A7V8X-X
Two drives: Utima Internal 7200rpm
120 GB Barracuda

10 GB. Was origional drive now it's the slave.
don't know the specs on it?
15 inch LCD Monitor. Just bought 3 weeks ago.
1024x768/ZGA, VGA input, multi media speakers.
Lexmark X1180 printer/scanner.
Also just bought recently.

XP processor and full xp office.
Graphics card could be better if you're a gamer?

Thanks in advance for any input.

  rmcqua 20:48 20 Mar 2006

175 - 250, at a guess. Your potential buyer will want to know which particular XP processor and which graphics card are incorporated.

  ameba 21:01 20 Mar 2006

I forgot to mention memory didn't I? :) 1024mb
Also nero express cd burner.
I don't know which processor it is.How do I find out whaich it is ? A friend went to the pc shop with me and said buy that one and he installed it. The graphics card is a G force. only goes to high colour 16 bit.

  wee eddie 21:33 20 Mar 2006

If you d0, take whatever is on offer, another may not come along.

  Simsy 23:14 20 Mar 2006

what can be bought NEW at the moment, especially from Dell, you'll realise that the answer has to be "not much". The fact that you have a flat screen makes it more attractive. I'd see what you can get on eBay, highlighting the screen.

Good luck,



  johnnyrocker 23:32 20 Mar 2006

with ME as the op system i very much doubt you get any takers if they know what they are on about.


  Stuartli 00:04 21 Mar 2006

I recently bought a K600 MSI motherboard, Athlon XP 3200+ CPU and a gigabyte of RAM for £100 - the RAM alone at the time was £94 new and the Athlon about the same price on e-Bay plus p and p.

You can only obtain what anyone is prepared to pay for it.

  goonerbill © ® 01:52 21 Mar 2006

was going to point you to a prog that can tell you everything that is in your computer but lavalys (the makers of everest) have stopped the freeware version. if you would like this program i can email direct to you if required. it will help you list everything much better for any potential buyers.

is you including office xp with the system or just leaving it installed for the buyer and planning to install it on your new pc, as this could cause probs when you want updates and microsoft see 2 different pc's with the same office key.

  ameba 17:13 21 Mar 2006

Thanks for info guys but guy in my work said he will give me £400 as he knows what everything in the pc is worth. I don't know enough about them to explain all it's features.
£400 is not bad so who am I to argue.
Had I not asked you guys, I may have thought £400. is not worth it but I guess I'm getting a good deal now.
Thanks again for your input.

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