selling my laptop, but how much will it sell

  david889 18:58 21 Mar 2006

How much will i make out of my laptop:
It has:
Mobile pentium 4 2.40ghz
1024mb of ram pc2800
80gb 5400rpm hardrive
64mb Geforce 440 go Graphics card
Built in wireless
2-3 hour battery life

  david889 19:00 21 Mar 2006

and it has 15 inch 1400x1050 resoloution screen

  david889 19:01 21 Mar 2006

windows xp pro sp2

  david889 19:40 21 Mar 2006


  rmcqua 19:48 21 Mar 2006

If it's in perfect condition, I'm guessing between Stg. 375 - 475

  Spike_2006 19:48 21 Mar 2006

Well, I'd give you about £700-800 for it. I'd bear in mind that because it's second hand, oyu can only sell it 4 less than you bought it. I would buy it if it didn't have any faults, cause it sounds averagely portable, can do programs and games, has internet, ye.

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