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Selling my gaming PC what do i need to list?

  8r0k3n 13:49 21 May 2017

Hi all i have finally come to the conclusion of selling my long loved custom gaming PC and i'm just wondering what details i would need to post as a description of the PC. The PC cost me £2,500 when i brought it a few years back and because i'm now working all the time i just don't have the time to be using this machine to its full potential let alone half it potential so i'm looking at selling this one and getting a cheaper one. Thank you for your help with this issue.

  8r0k3n 15:49 27 May 2017

ahh right thank you so much for the advice i don't no how to delete posts otherwise i would delete the advertisement i didn't realise i wasn't aloud to sell it.

  8r0k3n 15:50 27 May 2017

how do i do a clean install is that one of the new features with windows 10? can i do all with programmes through windows?

  bumpkin 22:21 27 May 2017

Wipe the drive and re-install from your original media. You will lose all existing data and programs, if you wish to keep your data then back it up to an external drive first. You will have to reinstall your programs though.

  8r0k3n 22:24 27 May 2017

Okay thank you for your advice when i brought my computer though they pre installed the OS for me and then they stick the authentic key code onto your pc and don't give you a disk will this be a problem?

  bumpkin 22:41 27 May 2017

they stick the authentic key code onto your pc and don't give you a disk will this be a problem?

I don't know what your O/S is but you should be able to download an ISO file of it and then write it to a DVD or USB stick to make your own as you have the key.

  bumpkin 22:44 27 May 2017

Just seen it is W10 so should be easy but i think you are over optimistic on your pricing.

  8r0k3n 23:02 27 May 2017

Yeahh i think so to i think i was being to hopeful thinking lol, it's just such a shame to spend £2,500GBP on a machine that can only be sold for a fraction of the price but i guess thats how the pc community goes. does £800 sound okay ? okay thank's that's a good idea i will copy it to a USB so i can install it again via the USB

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