Selling McAfee Virus Scan?

  babybell 18:09 22 Dec 2004

I have just purchased McAfee virus scan and now i have installed it i was wondering if i were to "sale" it to my girlfriend and put it on her pc, would mcafee know it was on two pc's or wouldn't it matter???

  alan227 18:23 22 Dec 2004

I am not one hundred percent certain but don't you have to register on the net after installation.
Try this it is one of the best and AVG is free.
click here

  GaT7 18:23 22 Dec 2004

McAfee wouldn't probably know it's on 2 PCs but that would be illegal, unless your copy of McAfee explicitly states it's for TWO PCs. G

  GaT7 18:25 22 Dec 2004

I would go with alan227's suggestion. There are a few free AV programs out there. G

  babybell 19:15 22 Dec 2004

Why is it then u can buy 2nd hand or "used", as they put it, copies of mcafee on, surely then there are contributing to illegal reproduction of the software?

  Gaz 25 19:19 22 Dec 2004

You can, transfer the license, but you must not keep it on your PC, it should be fully uninstalled, questionable if anyone does that though.

I've installed Norton on a few computers without product activation, without worries... but I'm unsure to anymore than 3 + it's only on my personal computers, no one else's.

I can't suggest to give it ago, because that would be illegal, but you can give it a try at your own risk.

As others have said, there are free antivirus softwares, and IMHO Nod32 performs very well, and it's not expensive either.

  GaT7 21:27 23 Dec 2004

Gaz 25 is right. Ideally, the secondhand & 'used' software being sold on Amazon, are genuine & have been uninstalled from the seller's PC before sale. If it isn't then it would be as you say - 'contributing to illegal reproduction of the software'.

If you're still unsure, the best thing would be to contact McAfee directly & ask them what you've asked us. They would be in the best position to answer you (though, I doubt their reply would be much different from my initial posting). HTH, G

My own experience: Sometime ago I purchased a genuine copy of Norton SystemWorks. A while later, when I found I wasn't really using it much, decided to sell it (on Amazon). Not being sure at the time, I asked Symantec if I could do so & this is what they had to say, "In order to remove your registration you have to uninstall the product from your computer and passing it on to someone else, they will have to re-register it upon reinstallation." (I'm not quite sure why they used 'passing it on' - probably not exactly 'legal' to sell it on either!)

  rômanab 21:42 23 Dec 2004

If it's anything like f-secure, when you activate (register) the second copy the first one is least that's what they say, I've never tried it.

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