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  suburban train 00:29 11 Feb 2003

I own myself windos 2000 and windows xp which have bought legally from shops.

Im hoping to build computers in the near future and am i allowed to put operating systems on on the newly built self made computers.

I hope to sell a few computers aswell but will i need an extra license or something.

I know plenty of people who sell slightly older laptops with windows 98 on reselling them with windows 2000 or windows xp after upgrading. Is this illegal?


  faichfolds 00:32 11 Feb 2003

Each computer should have its own version of the OS ie 1 machine, 1 liscence.
I'll let you work out the legality issue from that statement

  suburban train 00:34 11 Feb 2003

Thank you for that but there are loads of people on auctions or selling their PC in a local paper who put upgrades on their PC's shouldnt that be stopped

  lacker 00:48 11 Feb 2003

It is possible the vendors of these second hand computors,have bought the 'multi Licence'option from Microsoft which allows them to install on 5 machines or more.How much this costs I don't know,but information can be got from the Microsoft catalogue site.

  DieSse 00:57 11 Feb 2003

All you need is to buy the software you wish to install - you can buy it retail, or wholesale. To buy wholesale, you normally need to prove to the wholesaler that you're legally in business as a systems builder. Size doesn't matter - just tha you are one.

Being in the computer business is no different to any other business - you merely need to comply with normal business requirements (TAX - VAT - Legal use of premises - etc).

  Djohn 01:03 11 Feb 2003

When you purchase your PC system parts to assemble yourself, you will be entitled to buy OEM versions of O/S to install and then sell on to your customers, with the PC.

As for older systems with upgrades, then yes, it is legal to sell/buy as long as the original, and the upgrade CD, and licence is included.

  Djohn 01:04 11 Feb 2003

Morning, DieSse. :o)

  DieSse 01:15 11 Feb 2003

As a system builder, one can quite readily buy OEM software versions without buying hardware from the same vendor - I do it all the time - in fact one of my software suppliers doesn't sell hardware. The point is, though, you can only supply it on to an end-user when it's part of a system, or a "substantial" hardware package.

You can also, of course, buy retail versions at wholesale prices, for sale without hardware.

I will give you the same advice as I give everyone who's thinking of entering this business. You can only compete with the big suppliers on your competence - you cannot compete on price and make a living out of that.

It's the ongoing service and knowledge that you can bring to your clients, that will make you a better place to buy then a mail-order houise, or impersonal store.

  DieSse 01:17 11 Feb 2003

Mornin' - 0224 here currently!

  faichfolds 01:18 11 Feb 2003


  €dstow 08:29 11 Feb 2003

If you are in Europe and if you intend to build computers on a commercial basis, make sure you are familiar with all the electrical safety requirements and tests necessary to legally sell your machines.

Be warned - this doesn't come cheap!!


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