selling computer&clearing history

  [DELETED] 18:43 10 Aug 2003

i am thinking of buying a new computer.
i wish to sell my old one .if i delete everthing i want to how do i know that it is deleted and not stll on my system,like my banking details and personal details etc.
any advise would be appreciated.
many thanks

  [DELETED] 18:46 10 Aug 2003

I use 'window washer' it's free from click here you can configure it to clear slack file space as well as removing temp internet files, passwords etc.

  Rayuk 18:51 10 Aug 2003

Its always best to format the hard drive.
And if its that sensitive keep it,use it as a 2nd drive

  [DELETED] 18:54 10 Aug 2003

I have bought a program of late called System Shield which is powerful, easy to use solution against information and identity theft.

click here

A full working program that you can use for 30 day's.Do have a look even for a one off situation like your ,it is worth it for free usage.

I also purchased System Mechanic same company.

  [DELETED] 19:18 10 Aug 2003

thanks everyone,
it gives me a lot to think about.
not really sure what is meant by formating the hard drive though .

  Rayuk 19:21 10 Aug 2003

May explain things
click here

  powerless 19:26 10 Aug 2003

Well the really only way to get rid of your sensitive data would be smash the hard drive with a lump hammer then throw into the fire...

However a little extreme and you'll also need a new hard drive.

Just deleting your information of the drive is not good enough as it can be recovered.

So the way to remove the data would be to format the drive. This is where all data is erased. You'll have to reinstall everything but the computer will be good as new. The data that you wish to be kept a secret will be still on the drive (actually there is no way of knowing if its still there). But for someone to go to all the trouble to retrieve this inforamtion, it would be quicker to rob your house. So a format is the best option.

You could also Zero Write to the drive and then format and reinstall everyhting. Just depends upon what you want to do.

  [DELETED] 19:48 10 Aug 2003

thanks rayuk very interesting.
thanks too powerless but not sure what zero write to the drive is.
sorry for my inexperience

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