sell my pc

  Liza 21:21 26 Mar 2010

Would it be all right to sell on Ebay. I was hoping to get £200. I built it in 2002 and it is still running. It is built on a Gigabyte motherboard in an Antec case. AMD Athlon XP 2800 2.08 ghz, 2 gb memory, AGP graphics 250 mb, 2 IDE HD 250 gb and 200 gb plus 2 SATA drives 80 gb each, Audigy. The OS is XP and also Vista. There is also Windows 7 not installed yet. Would you please let me know if it would sell. Liza

  Technotiger 21:49 26 Mar 2010

IMHO I think you would be lucky to get £200 for it, more likely £100 to £150, even though yes, it is no doubt actually worth more than that. It is after all, about 8yrs old. No doubt you are aware that in PC Terms, that is Ancient!

  rdave13 21:54 26 Mar 2010

With Technotiger here. Doubt you would get even £100 for it. Newer PCs with higher specs can be bought for about £300 or so.

  Technotiger 22:10 26 Mar 2010

You would probably get your best price by selling it locally, via you local Newspaper Ads, or even putting for sale cards in your local shops windows, especially the local Newsagents, launderettes etc.

  Liza 16:27 28 Mar 2010

Thanks very much Technotiger and rdave13 for your replies. I thought as much. Maybe it would be best to give it to charity. I tried my grand nieces and nephews but mothers wont hear of it!!

  Technotiger 16:33 28 Mar 2010

If you intend getting another PC for yourself, you could keep the best hard drive(s) to use as external drives on your new setup.

I still think it would be worth selling locally, as above. However, this might be a good alternative click here

  Technotiger 16:35 28 Mar 2010

PS - you might find something useful for yourself via my link!

  Liza 18:32 29 Mar 2010

Thanks Technotiger. I have already I think bought an Acer. One of those types that has everything in one place, but the keyboard and mouse are not working! Theyre supposed to be radio signalled (or something radio) type. There is touch facility and so keyboard on there but being an old keyboarder and used to using all fingers I cannot master the one on the screen allright to click pictures and the like but when typing words and password for windows its a pain in the ... so back to MY pc which is as good as gold. Informed acer, now have to sit and wait forever. Liza

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