Self-Turning off PCs

  VOT Productions 20:09 01 May 2010

Hello, I got 2 Desktop PCs in two different rooms.

I was working on my second one and BOOM! The PC self-turned off. So I go to the second one and it turned off too.

But the power wasn't out. Speakers were on. TV was on.

Not a network issue because they're in different workgroups.
Not a sofware issue because they have different software.
Not a hardware issue because they have different hardware.


  tullie 20:13 01 May 2010

You had two totally un connected computers,and they went boom,and turned off?Did they turn on again?Theres only one logical answer i can think of is that there was a power failure in the house.No other explenation surely.

  VOT Productions 20:21 01 May 2010

They didn't went BOOM!

Yes, the rest is true.

They turned on again (I pressed the power button)

It's not the first time. They did it before.

"was a power failure in the house"

I was thinking about that. But it can't be because the speakers were still on.

  rdave13 20:31 01 May 2010

It could have been a 'dip' in the supply. That would leave your speakers and TV still on. If your supply is prone to 'dips' or 'spikes' then I would consider UPS for the computers.

  VOT Productions 20:44 01 May 2010

working fine now but thanks for the tip

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