Self replicatin files FP*****.temp

  jaybon 13:28 21 Feb 2007

Files are being created with the Windows\Temp file.

All are named FP*****.tmp [ where **** are alpha Numeric]

F -Prot anti virus detects them and removes a few and quarantines most.

But they are constantly being created and this is progessively slowing the system.

There are thousands and they cannot be deleted.

The system runs on XP.

On earlier advice have run Filemon.

Have also - in safe Mode - deletd all these files.

They just keep coming back.

As F Prot detects and quarantines another just takes its place.

Help , please

All advice welcome

  MichelleC 15:16 21 Feb 2007

Bearing in mind once you're infected like this it may be simpler to format and reload your boot sector:

The following may clear it:

online scan with Bit Defender click here

download, update and scan with;

Stinger click here

  beynac 15:47 21 Feb 2007

I would be very suspicious of the fact that F-Prot (FP) detects and removes them and the file names start with 'FP'. I've not seen this before, but it wouldn't surprise me if F-Prot is creating them.

  brundle 15:51 21 Feb 2007

With the majority of filtering off you will be able to work out which program is generating the files with Filemon or it's more powerful replacement ProcMon; click here

Just allow Filemon/Procmon to capture system activity for a minute or two, pause capture, look for the most recently generated fp*.tmp file and `find` it in the log - if you have `log writes` and/or `log opens` enabled in Filemon/Procmon it ought to reveal which program is generating them.

  beynac 15:51 21 Feb 2007

Re. my previous post: this could be relevant - click here

  beynac 15:51 21 Feb 2007

Re. my previous post: this could be relevant - click here

  jaybon 15:10 24 Feb 2007

Thanks for help.

To Beynac - I had my suspicions about F Prot in view of the FP alpha tag.

Ypur link to to F Prot discussion site pretty much confirmed that.

Having dleted all the suspect files whilst in safe mode. I uninstalled the most recent version fo F Prot and then reloaded the previos version [3f].

So far the problem has not reappeared.

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