Self inflicted prob with Dual Boot pc Help Please!

  wyatt earp 10:55 04 Dec 2004

I have a laptop which i dual boot (boot magic) with Win 2Kpro & Win 98. I only use the 98 part for interfacing with older electronic equipment (firmware upgrades etc) but it's important to me.

I recently tried to add my wireless g notebook adapter to the 98 part and it has failed miserably leaving me with the message "cannot find a device file that may be needed to run windows or an application - the registry or system.ini file refers to this device file but it no longer exists etc.

The files listed are vnetsup.vxd - vredir.vxd & dfs.vxd

If i key through them the pc will start and seems to function ok.

What is the best way of fixing this?

What i must not do is upset the win2k element which is set up perfectly.
I have a ghost copy of the whole pc taken when logged onto the Win2k operating system.
This copy is on an external hard drive running through usb2.
I have my Win 98 disc also.

Any help most welcome.


  mattyc_92 12:56 04 Dec 2004

Why don't you restore the Ghost Image to your system... This would repair this problem extremely easily...

  wyatt earp 13:21 04 Dec 2004

Thanks for that.

Should i just restore the win98 partition?

Don't forget i have to do it from when i am booted into Win2k.


  mattyc_92 13:51 04 Dec 2004

Yes, but you DON'T HAVE TO BE in win2000....

Insert the disk into your computer.... restart..... you will get that "Press any button to boot from CD/DVD" message in the BOIS... Do this to boot from the disk.... It will then load GHOST in PC DOS mode (this has been copied to the Disk). Now you have to restore the partition...

If you wait for about 10 mins, I will use GHOST myself in PC DOS to make it easier for me to explain to you what to do instead of tring to remember what each option is labled as... Back in 10 mins

  mattyc_92 14:08 04 Dec 2004

That was a quick 10 mins wasn't it lol

This is abit confusing at first, because you have to edit some of the options....

I have just noticed that your GHOST IMAGE is on an EXTERNAL drive... You can still do it this way, you just need a Floppy Disk and open ghost, select Ghost Utilites->Norton Ghost Boot disk from the menu thing that appears on the screen...
Now select the Standard boot-disk option (the top option) and click next.. Follow the onscreen instructions baring in mind to tick the "USB support" option...

Once you have booted GHOST in PC DOS... go to "Local->Partition->From Image"... Now you need to select your drive which the image is saved on and open the image up... Select the partition you want to "extract" the contents to and press enter... You will then see that your system will restore...

If you are using GHOST 9.0 (2004), then the instructions are differnet...

I know that this can be confusing... but you SHOULD learn how to do this so that in a event that you can't boot up windows, you can restore EVERYTHING without having to re-install windows and GHOST first...

  wyatt earp 14:42 04 Dec 2004

Cheers for that.

For the record i have ghost 2003.

I will have a go at this over the weekend and report back if any probs. occur.

Thanks again

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