Self Build - Windows XP OEM

  Laser157 11:44 25 Sep 2007

Two years ago I installed an OEM version of Win XP SP2 on a machine I had built. There were no problems and it activated fine.

I have built another computer and bought another copy of XP OEM from e.buyer (where I bought the first one).

However this time the CD is boxed in a brown pack with the licencing details on it. This says it has to be installed using MS's OPK, to provide an image on the customer's computer. In this case I am the customer as well as the system builder and don't need an image.

Before I open the pack, does anyone know if you can install this OS in the normal way and activate it without using the OPK? I realise that not having an image may infringe the license terms, but I guess this would be a minor infringement if I am not selling the machine.

If necessary I suppose I could register as a system builder even though I have only built 3 machines, all for the family!

  Taff™ 12:08 25 Sep 2007

click here Then download the Word document from the top right. Must admit it`s new to me!

  Grantrh 12:16 25 Sep 2007

Page 7 of the document that Taff has provided a link to, says that you can boot from CD and install in the normal way.

  Laser157 12:28 25 Sep 2007

Thanks for the replies.

I had looked at that document, which has the following steps for CD install:

1. Start the computer using the Windows product CD.
2. Run Setup to install Windows.
3. Customize the operating system and run tests.
4. Run sysprep –reseal or click Reseal in the Sysprep dialog box.

It was stage 4 which bothers me. If you don't do that will the installations still function normally and Windows activate OK?

Has anyone actually done this with a recent OEM version?

  Laser157 18:58 25 Sep 2007

Can anyone help on this as I am reluctant to break the seal on the box until I am resonably sure I can complete an activated installation. Thanks

  Laser157 08:08 26 Sep 2007

Just one more attempt to see if anyone else has successfully installed and activated an OEM version of Windows which says it must be installed using OPK, but without using it! I guess this applies to all current OEM Vista versions too.

  jimv7 08:40 26 Sep 2007

Should work ok, sysprep is just a tool for installs on multiple computers with the same build and specs, (i.e. you have built 10 computers with the same specs, especially using a program like norton ghost to pre-install windows).

You can use a single registration number for all the computers to get then up and running then use sysprep to remove the reg number and security settings which then on a restart asks for the registration number to be typed in.

System builders get the free 'tools' cd which includes sysprep with every 5+ xp disks purchased.

  Laser157 10:01 26 Sep 2007

Thanks for the advice jimv7.

I have checked the MS ref numbers on my two versions. The old one which worked fine was N09-01152 and the new one is N09-01991.

I see Amazon still offer two versions of XPhome OEM which they describe as SP2b-1 and '2006' respectively. I guess they correspond to my two versions?

Someone who bought the 2006 version reported:
" This is an OEM version, which I bough to use with Parallels on my iMac. I had a disc crash and had to reinstall all software again. When it came to validating XP I was told that this is a single install OEM version and I should contact my PC manufacturer! There was nobody in Microsoft I could talk to and in the end had to buy another 'so called' Genuine Advantage kit for nearly £70!"

That's why I am a bit concerned, but it's not clear if he managed to get an activated install initially.

I just wonder if they made installation by OPK obligatory when the new version was brought out.

  willo500 11:37 04 Oct 2007

Hi I have the same query. Did this ever get resolved. I want to install it on my mac using parallels too and if it will only install once that is no good and I will send it back


  woodchip 11:39 04 Oct 2007

You do not need it. just load the CD and run setup.

  willo500 11:59 04 Oct 2007

How about if i need to install a second time The poster referred to by Laser above had problems. Will I have the same issue?


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