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  Bacon & Eggs 17:05 01 Jul 2003

I've never built a system before but will shortly be doing so for my mum to replace the trusty, surprisingly reliable but now hopelessly outdated 'family' PC.

A little Ebuyer research has put together a spec: can anyone give me any opinions as to whether this would work as is, and particularly whether I've missed anything out that I'd need (apart from a keyboard and mouse to be scavenged from the old one).

It will be a simple family system for homework, email and the odd game (though not many), maybe the occasional DVD. Huge performance not required!!

Here's what I've got so far:

Case: ICI 6310 inc 300w PSU

Power lead for the PSU

Mobo: ECS K7SOM+ incl Duron 1800; USB 2.0 support; sound built in (though I may get a cheapie SB Live), AGP 4x, thus:

GFX card: GF3 Ti-200 Powerpack Ti-450 (...malarky, etc) 64Mb

RAM: 512Mb DDR

HDD: 40Gb Western Digital UIDE100 7200rpm, 8mb cache

CDR+DVD: Liteon LTC-48161H 48x24x48x16 internal

FDD: Panasonic OEM

Monitor: GNR CM1772FS 17" CRT

Speakers: JNC400W SP-58HS (might be upgraded to a 2.1 system if I get a proper soundcard.)

Total cost of the above, P&P and VAT included, £373.38.

All yours: what do you think?

  Rayuk 18:18 01 Jul 2003

Rather than the combi drive.

Would get both LG 48x24x48 CDRW oem[+Nero] and 16x48 DVD drive for £46 + vat not much extra but better for copying cd to cd and also if 1 fails you have a fall back.Also doesnt say whether you get a copy of Nero with the combi drive you are thinking of getting[which is worth more than the extra £5+ for the 2 drives

  BurrWalnut 19:53 01 Jul 2003

You have missed one thing that will make it all work - an operating system!

Also, you mention the power cable, so presumably you are getting IDE cables with the new equipment, but you may want internal Audio cables to connect to the CD and USB cables if you have extra sockets at the front.

  clayton 20:29 01 Jul 2003

I would spend less on your speakers & get a better motherboard & larger hard drive

we wont be able to help you much more if you dont put a modem in it, but you could probably salcage that from the old one,

i would recommend a bigger hard drive as the price doesnt increase that much as they get bigger .

  keith-236785 20:48 01 Jul 2003

first of all, if the case has a power supply, it will also come with a power lead (inside the case, along with all the screws you might need and more)

i agree with Rayuk, if you ever need to copy a CD, it would be easier if you also had a cd rom drive

go for a bigger hard drive if you can afford it, the difference between 40gig and 80gig is very small, Western Digital Caviar 80Gb 7200rpm EIDE Hard Drive - OEM

£56.75 inc VAT
same manufacturer,same speed, same supplier, £7+vat difference.

BurrWalnut mentions the ide cables, 1 IDE cable is included with the motherboard (if the cdrw is a retail box it will also have an ide cable in the box), and the audio cables are supplied with the cdrw/cdroms

only extra cable you might need is the USB cable for the front usb ports, try to get a case that includes the cables, a phone call to Ebuyer will confirm this.

Dont forget to earth yourself by touching the bare metal of the case (Plugged in but switched off at the socket) before handling memory/cards. or wear a anti-static wrist strap. a little bit of care is all thats needed.

good luck and happy building, you know where to come if it goes wrong.

one last thing, what are you doing with the old pc, if you are disposing of it then you could use the cdrom/hard drive/speakers/ anything you need really. it might save you a few quid.

  DieSse 21:07 01 Jul 2003

Case fan(s) and processor fan as required.

You quote Duron 1.8GHz - there is no such processor. Either a Duron at max 1.4GHz, or AthlonXP at 1.8GHz.

The sound built-in will do you fine, in my experience. Beeter speakers improve your sound more than a better sound card.

I agree with the comments about seperate DVD and CD-Writer, and a larger Disk Drive.

  DieSse 21:09 01 Jul 2003

PS get a nice new kboard and mouse to go with it - they're very inexpensive.

  DieSse 21:10 01 Jul 2003

Sorry Duron at max 1.3GHz.

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