self build pc problems

  maquilla 17:13 12 Jul 2003

built a pc, A7N8X deluxe, AMD 3200+, Seagate sata 120g hd, samsung dvd/ cdrw combo. On initial boot, CPU is recognised as 2500+, hard drive is not recognised, dvd/cdrw is primary master, displays Warning CPU has changed. First time doing this, any help appreciated. thanks.

  rubella 17:20 12 Jul 2003

to start HD needs to be primary master. change that and first and see what happens.

  rubella 17:22 12 Jul 2003

i really need an edit function. missing commas and extra "and[s]" indeed.

  bremner 17:27 12 Jul 2003

The Front side bus speed (FSB)in the BIOS must be set to 200 it is probably set to 133 or 166 that is why the processor is shown as a 2500+.

  Steven135 18:16 12 Jul 2003

Had the same problem agree with bremner I have an AMD 3000+ on the same board initially the CPU was shown as a 1300 setting needed to be 166 for my CPU.

You need to load the SATA drivers from a floppy when windows asks for them By pressing F3 and inserting the floppy so that the HD can be recognised.

  maquilla 22:48 12 Jul 2003

thanks, will try suggestions

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