self build hard drive issue

  marcsozzie 07:46 20 Mar 2004

I have new gigabyte n7 motherboard with amd 2800 chipset, i want to use my old hard drive--a samsung sv 4002h (which resides in an advent 3308 pc wolrd machine) to save time/money...will i have have any issues when power up..have been told 1. no issues xp will recognise 2. may have to call microsoft for auth code? 3. have to reload xp ? My main concern is as PC World machine i have no disks for xp and motherboard wont recognise advent boot up disks...or do i have to buy new hard drive adn xp !!!! many thanks...treat me as newbie

  Diemmess 10:12 20 Mar 2004

Be prepared for a disappointment.

Like the Irish story of someone asking the way and being told - "I wouldn't start from here if I were you Sir."

The new motherboard will require its own drivers, and XP on the old HD, will find itself mated (in effect) to a 'new computer' and demand reactivation if not reinstallation.

I would hate to interfere without my own copy of XP, and you may now need to buy one.

Some manufacturers put the necessary recovery files in a seperate "Drive" not always visible in a quick search.

You will need a lot of help here, but I hope this will drag your thread up the list again

  Paranoid Android 10:19 20 Mar 2004

Yes the disk would be recognised in BIOS, but that isn't really the point.

The short answer is that your windows install would probably require re-activation, as (from the point of view of the installed OS) everything will have changed except the hard disk serial number. The long answer is that what happens will depend on whether you intend to transfer any other components from tour old PC (modem, network card, sound card, graphics etc) and you haven't made this clear in your post.

However, you may also get windows protection errors if you simply transfer the hard disk into a new PC. These would be difficult to overcome without media.

My recommendation would be to get a new Windows XP. click here . What you do then depends on whether or not you want to keep your old Advent PC running.

If you don't, then you could keep your existing hard disk and back up your data files to removable media. Then re-partition and re-format the HDD, and install a fresh OS.

Otherwise you will need a new HDD as well.

All the hardware you bought should have drivers, so you only need to worry about your applications and backing up your data files. You will also need to keep or download drivers for any bit of kit being transferred from the old PC.


  spuds 11:08 20 Mar 2004

If you are new to self-build, then this may be of help click here

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