Self build?

  Tim1964 23:46 22 Jan 2003
  Tim1964 23:46 22 Jan 2003

Am I missing something here?
Having checked out click here for their latest offers, as mentioned in another thread, I "built a pc to my spec" which was similar to the Aries on offer but it came to twice as much as a complete system!(even with some bits left out-monitor,keyboard,mouse,spkrs)

I appreciate the thrill of self but really....

  Tim1964 00:18 23 Jan 2003

But then again there could be a "thrill of self....ooh errr"

  billyliv 01:12 23 Jan 2003

Hi, I see what you mean. I built my system 12 months ago, Intel D850MV board, P4 1.5 Ghz CPU, 256 MB PC800 memory, AGP 32 Mb Graphics, Beamer Case, V92 Modem (Now on NTL Broadband) DVD/CD/ROM, CD/RW, (Now upgraded to DVD+CD/RW),17 in. monitor, all the bits and bobs that go with it, not forgetting Win XP and 2x 40GB hard drives. Cost me over a Grand. Love the system, it has never given me any trouble. The only thing I miss is front USB for the camera. If I were to build a system that they are selling at that price, I would be looking at maybe £1200. Cvheers, Bill

  SafeHaven 01:27 23 Jan 2003

I think it depends on where you live in the uk because i feel the price of that pc is ok but i could cerntaly build one the same spec cheaper,or have one built for me. I normaly stay 2 steps behind that way upgrading is cheaper. But i don't play games online or on my pc. But I do edit video and burn that to my cd/r/w i think b4 u buy you need to look at your wants and needs.

tc pat

  Djohn 01:30 23 Jan 2003

billyliv, nice system, you can buy a PCI card that has two rear and two front USB2 connectors on, just takes the place of a front blanking plate. J.

  SafeHaven 01:44 23 Jan 2003

Maplin electronics do a neat job,its an extention unit that fits in the front of your pc like you would fit a cd rom,,and the outlets are 2xusb ear jack mic 1394 and has a temp monitor for cpu.hdd.and system,,£35 I paid for mine ..or if you have not got an empty front i guess you could build it into a little box and have it on top of your tower..just an idea
tc pat

  STEVE71163 06:45 23 Jan 2003

I just built my first pc last week and i would say that i got it about £200 less than i would have paid for a ready built system. I looked at the various companys on the net for prices and then went to my local pc repair shop and asked them if they could match the price and they did.So i got all the bits like i said about £200 less.

  Jungle 09:37 23 Jan 2003

Its a fair point that u raise ie the cost of " Self Build " vs a Company / shop built PC and to be honest with you.... I do agree with you..... most of the time you cant beat them at their own game.And if you cant beat them you might as well buy from them. !

I had to think long and hard before I built my PC ( I was lucky I did save money, and I have lots of space for upgrades.. but thats another story )..I digress

But there is another thought...( My reasoning )

The average person on the street wants a PC to be able to do many things ..and they want the PC to do them all just ...they want a Games machine, internet, Office use ( ie word, Excel ,Powerpoint etc )etc etc ....and the machines that you can buy from these places are excellent at being just that..... A Jack of all lets say your 4 door saloon.

What they are not is the 2 seater Porsche or Ferrari's of this world a highly tuned specific machine,( lets say a Gamer or Profesional video editing suite ) or somthing that is ripe for upgrading. ( Some ofcourse can be..but generally as always you pay the price accordingly )

The reason behind this is that not many people want to open up a PC and upgrade it ( This is slowly changing ) let alone build one from scratch, and hence you tend to find that these machines are good at the time that they are built , and will suite most peoples needs. Theres nothing wrong with that at all..

But sometimes theres not much room for upgrading either in the form of physcial room inside of the box, ie spare PCI slots etc or with the components that are used...Ie the motherboard might only except lets say SDRAM or DDR Ram but at the 2100 slower speed and only go upto say 512MG of RAM. and not 3Gig etc etc. ( This is ofcourse not always the case..Systemax and Evasham build fine machines.....but you pays for what you gets ) I digress.

The PC's that you point out in the website named Aries are once again excellent for the price,GBP 399 theres no doubting that, and they will be fine for Internet and Office use along with most Games.
( Maybe not the latest fast 3D Shoot'em ups, but most ). But where they fall down is ofcouse upgrade ability, and possibly poor quality of components.

The main reason for " Self Build " is the fact that you and you alone know that the quality and upgrade ability of the machine is in your hands.
You can build it as good or as cheap as you want.
Thats your choice.

And ofcourse the thrill and challenge of actually putting the thing together is another fine reason to start a " Self build ", and if it all goes pear...You only have one person to blame.

Very rarely do people save money when they build a new PC from scratch ..but thats not the point ( If you do you are lucky )...
( But most dont build one from scratch ..they mix and match from an existing machine a bit like you have ), but they build a PC that is better than their old / existing PC and they are assured of exactly what components are used inside of it and they know that they built it, some might like Asus components or MSI or Gigabyte etc and only like lets say Samsung or RamBo memory and hence for these people its peace of mind that the machine is built to their exact spec.

I would be very surprised if the PC that you have built is not overall a superior machine to the similar specced Aries, maybe not on paper but in the components that you used, or in the future upgrade ability of the machine.

Sorry to ramble on a bit.


  MartinT-B 10:06 23 Jan 2003

Big companies buy in bulk - 1,000+ motherboards at a time, their costs will ALWAYS be lower, BUT they have a bottom line and won't (unless you ask) give you the latest, but will balance cost and reliability (they really don't want to have to repair it).

I am about to build my first, and I am building for one main reason - I don't like biege!

I'm getting a black alumininuim Lain-Li PC61 case which will cost about £100 and all my drives will also be black. This costs. The Black Floppy drive, for instance, is about £10.00 as opposed to the regular biege which can be picked up for about £3.50

I'm also getting a black Keyboard, mouse and Monitor and having a window in the side of my case with blue Cathode inside to light it :)

  smcarlsen 10:46 23 Jan 2003

By building your own pc, you are choosing the spec of the components that you require. The company bought pc always seems to have something that I wouldn't choose, be it the spec of motherboard, the make of RAM, the type of monitor and other such combinatiaons. I have recently built a pc with a Lian-li case, xp2000 cpu, enermax psu, Zalman cooler, Crucial RAM etc etc. This exact spec of machine would not be availble in an "off the shelf" form, so it only leaves an order for a custom build by someone competant or to do the job yourself. The latter would be the cheaper option. Plus you get to know your system inside out and should be aware of possible upgrades, thus keeping yourself future proof.

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