Selecting nonsequential photos for e-mailing

  Rotenone 20:19 03 Jul 2005

How do I select a variety of photos(e.g. photos 1,3,5,9,12, 34,47,,etc. and so on i.e. non-consecutive numbers) when I want to e-mail them.The photos have been downloaded from a memory card and installed in their own folder on the hard drive before selection.
I select the first one and invariably when I select the next one the whole row (or even several rows) "select" themselves.I am sometimes successful in selecting the ones that I want to send but invariably several photos that I don't want selected are selected.They seem to "self select"

  DieSse 20:43 03 Jul 2005

Hold down the CTRL key and click on the ones you want.

Don't send too many at once unless you are certain that your recipient has an efficient broadband connection - otherwise they'll think it's failed!

BTW the Ctrl key trick is the standard one for selecting random files for any operations.

  jack 22:35 03 Jul 2005

Create a folder called for it to desktop
At each picture right click singly click on copy.
click on open -E-mail folder right click ans paste
or press Ctrl/V

As another piece of adive dont sent pictures direct from a cmaera they will me much too big -as DieSee says- the recipient will think his connection has stalled- resize them to 800x600 or so and use save as to retain the original-
Do I feel another question coming on -
down load irfanview -

click here. com

that will do the trick

  hssutton 09:07 04 Jul 2005

An ideal freeware program for doing this is picasa. click here, but you will still need to use CTRL, as per DieSse. Just select your images and click "Email" at the bottom of the page. This will resize your images, open your email program and attach the selected images. couldn't be easier.

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