Selecting a Mother Board

  jayatissa 12:17 06 Jun 2010

I need to replace the MotherBoard of my Pentium 4 CPU. Processor and other accessories are good. Processor is Intel Pentium 4- 3.06 Mhz.(Model 524) and its Bus Speed is 533 MHz. with LGA 775 socket. Earlier it was with a Intel D915GVWB board which is not avialable now. I want to whether this processor work, If I buy a new Motherboard (Eg. Intel DP43BF or DX48BTZ)with LGA 775 socket and higher Bus speed like 1176 with new RAMs. Old MB was burnt by lightning surge came through the fax modem. Thank you inadvance for all valuable advices.

  gengiscant 12:21 06 Jun 2010

You can buy the same board here

  jayatissa 12:42 06 Jun 2010

Thank you. I'm in Sri Lanka. I would like to go for a newer board avilable in Sri Lanka market if my suggestion is possible.

  gengiscant 15:13 06 Jun 2010

Here is a list of Intel motherboards which are compatible with your here

  jayatissa 18:31 06 Jun 2010

The list does not have the D915GVWB board even. Dear Gengiscant, please let me kqnow ehther one of the boards in my posting will work as 915 board. Thanks for your reply.

  gengiscant 05:47 07 Jun 2010

Here is a list of compatible CPU's for the intel DP43BF and I do not think you CPU is listed,click here
Your other DP48BT is also doubtful.

The list I gave you are compatible with your CPU plus this one.
Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L

  jayatissa 14:35 07 Jun 2010

Thank you gengiscant. Now I want to search the availability of one of those boards in SL market. Thank you again.

  gengiscant 16:47 07 Jun 2010

Let me know how you get on.

  jayatissa 18:48 07 Jun 2010

ok. thanks

  jayatissa 18:17 24 Aug 2010

I got a second hand board with Intel 945 chipset and could solve the problem. Thank you every body for your supports and advices.

  jayatissa 18:36 24 Aug 2010

Similar to my problem, one of my good friends want to find a new motherboard for processor having LGA 775 socket, 800 Bus speed and 3.4 Mhz speed. The processor is Pentium D (945 XL 90b) and named Costerica. Motherboard DG41RQ is available in the market with same socket and bus speed match. But this is not listed under compatible processors in the Intel Web site. Before purchasing one, I would like to get an expert's opinion whether it is compatible to this processor. Thank you for your advices and opinions in advance.

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