Selecting folders in Vista...must be bored.

  mooly 13:02 17 Mar 2009

Anyone know the significance of this, Vista, normally you hover cursor over a folder and it "shades" in, with a light blue colour. Move the cursor away and the folder remains "selected" in blue.
Occasionally the box also has a border of tiny dots round it when you do this... why ?

  tullie 13:41 17 Mar 2009

When i hover my mouse over a desktop icon,it highlights it,it only remains highlighted if you click on it.I done experience any think else as in your tiny dots.

  rawprawn 13:47 17 Mar 2009

It should only stay that Pale Blue if yo actually just click on it (Not to open). If you Hover it should not stay pale blue when you move the cursor to another Folder

  mooly 16:40 17 Mar 2009

I said I was bored...
Select documents, move cursor over a folder, it highlights in blue, move cursor away to a blank spot and the highlighted folder remains but it turns paler blue. No problem there.
What sometimes happens is that as well as doing that the highlighted blue area is framed by close spaced black dots. Desktop icons then have the dots too as do "windows boxes" such as "apply" "cancel" "OK" etc
In the case of the desktop icons the last icon to have been hovered over retains the frame of dots. Reboot and there gone, sometimes for weeks... I'm sure it's something I do when moving and working with folders that causes it but what ?

  mooly 16:43 17 Mar 2009

Just re reading your reply... folder does stay highlighted in blue when cursor moved away, but if moved to another folder then that new folder turns blue as I would expect. If I move the cursor to a blank part of the desktop and press enter the highlighted folder is selected and displayed... it's them there dots (like a picture frame) that puzzle me.

  lotvic 17:44 17 Mar 2009

XP does the same thing. The desktop icon text label retains the dotted 'frame' until you select a different icon.

No mystery.... it just shows you the last item selected.

mooly I think it's time you did something constructive instead of getting 'bored' like you have been over the past few months (according to some of your other similar posts)

  mooly 18:01 17 Mar 2009

Ah... 99% of the time there is no "dotted frame"... that's normal in Vista as far as I know.
You learn a lot asking questions and finding things out yourself... and just sometimes it helps solve other problems.
It's why it does it "sometimes" for no reason that puzzles me...

  lotvic 18:21 17 Mar 2009

Microsoft Windows is a 'mystery' to us all as is the meaning of the Universe.

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