selecting drive using steam

  rgtyfhr 14:33 16 Feb 2012

I am installing skyrim v using steam (I have no choice) and The game is being put on a drive say C which is not of my choosing I want to put the game on a drive of my choice so how can I do this and what is the procedure please

  KRONOS the First 15:13 16 Feb 2012

You most certainly do get a choice but not if you are using Steam. What I have done is put steam on my secondary hard-drive which as I have something over 399GB of games makes sense as I have a 128GB SSD for my boot and programs drive.

What you can do is move the whole of the Steam folder, this shows you how. Move Steam. By the way I am playing Skyrim myself at the moment.

  rgtyfhr 07:07 17 Feb 2012

thanks for your help Chronos, got to the point where I delete all files in "steam" folder except "steamapps" and "steam application" problem is i can remove all except logs folder and steam text doc, The logs folder "can't be deleted because the folder or file is open in another program". The steam text doc"can't be deleted because the file is open in steam" I've tried to sort this problem out but no luck,I wonder if you would be good enough to help me once again, thanks Eric

  KRONOS the First 07:59 17 Feb 2012

Do you have Steam set up to start when Windows boots as this will cause the issue you describe. I have moved Steam many times using this method and it works.

So look in the bottom right hand corner of your PC and see if the Steam icon is there,if so right click then exit and then you can complete the process.

Come back if you have problems as there is a second way of moving the Steam folder.

  rgtyfhr 14:08 17 Feb 2012

All sorted now, thanks very much for you help If I get stuck gain may I impose again Thanks Eric

  KRONOS the First 14:26 17 Feb 2012

Your welcome.

  rgtyfhr 09:07 02 Mar 2012

Hi again Chronos, would you help me agan plese this time with Skyrim I delivered the horn met delphine killed the dragon returned to river wood to meet delphine then everyone attacked me.ive been through this process brfore the I did get to delphine safley but then when I went to solitude met the contact gave him the weapons again then they all attacted me. I must be doing something wrong but i've no idea what can you help please

  KRONOS the First 09:43 02 Mar 2012

Probably you killed an innocent someone. Check in statistics for your crime bounty. I have done that a couple of times,I have even been in jail once and at the moment I am avoiding one city as I'll have to go to jail again.LOL

I have found with Skyrim that you must hard save often and only quick save if you are traveling long distances.

Either load a save before the quest or see if you can do some jail time or pay the guards off.

What is your Steam ID and ill add you to my friends list.Mine is Mr Fraggle (UK).

  rgtyfhr 15:41 02 Mar 2012

Hi Chronos, Thanks for getting back can't see anything untoward in crime stats but having said that I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for,one thing I did notice but I've no Idea what to do about it is when I'm attacked they are calling me a vampire and I notice thatI have been a vampire for 2 days If that is the problem what can I do about it. my Steam id is "lazertomato01"

  KRONOS the First 15:55 02 Mar 2012

AAh you have become a vampire, easy enough sorted, have a look here: Cure me I'm a vampire. I have accepted you on Steam by the way.

  rgtyfhr 06:35 04 Mar 2012

Thanks again

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