Selecting a drive letter for a CDdevice?

  Diemmess 15:50 30 Apr 2005

In W98SE I could select the Drive letter for a CD installation like (don't laugh) "R" for reader and "W" for writer.

Yonks later, now running a DVD/RW and a CDR/RW in Windows 2000 I cannot find a way to choose the letters I would like - say V, and W.

Incidentally the DVD insists on calling itself a Removeable D! while the CD?RW calls itself a Compact Disc. Both show as CD icons.

How fix?

  dan11 16:06 30 Apr 2005

Right click my computer > manage > disk management.

The two drives will be in the right hand window. Right click a drive and select change the drive letter. You should have a drop down box will the remaining letters available. Same as XP

  dan11 16:08 30 Apr 2005

" will the remaining letters available." or even with the remaining letters available. lol

  Diemmess 16:33 30 Apr 2005

When I scrolled,---- further this time. I came across....

CDROM 0 -- CDROM (O:) Online, and CDROM 1 DVD (P:)Online

No other details, until the light dawned - Try the magic right click!

Job done and thank you.

  Diemmess 16:35 30 Apr 2005

The drive has ceased to call itself a Removable D so that problem solved itself as well. We shall all live happily everafter now!

  dan11 17:56 30 Apr 2005

That's good. Pleased it has worked out for you.;-)

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