Seeting up new Toshiba Laptop for my Daughter

  rickus 21:10 04 May 2010

It has Windows7 Home Premium and 4gb of RAM so I am assuming it defaults to 64bit.

A few basic fairly questions before my daughter gets going on it:

I have an Office97 disk. Do I have to do anything special to install it on to the laptop or will it happily install and run on a Windows7 64bit laptop? I read somewhere about the installation updating the registry inappropriately on Windows7.

The laptop comes with a 30day trial of McAfee which you need to enable. If I do enable it will it be a pain to uninstall if I later want to change to the free versions of avast and AVG?

Is any pre-installed Toshiba software likely to be worth using? If not would it be sufficient to just disable it or is it better to uninstall it?

Many thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:31 04 May 2010

Dump most of the software inc. MacAffee and all the crappy games. Just go to add/remove programmes and delete from there. Download the following (all free)
1) Microsoft Security Essentials (anti virus) click here
2) Ccleaner click here
3) Klite mega codec pack click here
4) There seems to be some probs running 97 Office. Why not download the free Open Office which is similar to 97, 2000, 2003 and 2007 and will run all the same files... click here
5) stick on Spyware Terminator to protect against dodgy progs (the free version).... click here
6) check MS updates for the latest fixes etc.
7) Itunes is de rigueur for the younger here

2 hours and Bob's yer uncle.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:34 04 May 2010

ps...might be worth downloading all the files onto another computer, dumping on a moemory stick and copying onto the new computer from there. Do not pay for any AV or antispyware...there is never any need for a home user to do that. NEVER run 2 AV programmes on the same computer. Keep any Toshiba backup help programmes but dump the rest of the crud.

Having done all this the computer should run like a cheetah with a pin up it's bum.


  rickus 21:35 04 May 2010

Thank you Gandalf

I had thought about Open Office but as my daughter has just started teaching at a school that uses Office 97 I thought that might be best in case of any minor incompatibilities.

  northumbria61 22:22 04 May 2010

May I suggest MS Office Enterprise 2007 from this LINK -

click here

Contains 10 programs - Registration needed but straightforward and your daughter will be eligible.
Available as a download or by post on CD.

Excellent Buy - I have been using it for months now.

  northumbria61 22:23 04 May 2010

** Forgot to say - YOU CAN INSTALL THIS ON 2 PC's **

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