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  Forum Editor 18:58 06 Jul 2004

Called 'Speakers Corner' it's the place to unwind a little and join discussions on issues that might affect you.

Click on the Speakers corner link under the 'Registered Users Area' at top left of this page, or use the 'Jump to' link at the bottom of the list of threads.

  Dorsai 19:13 06 Jul 2004

Just looked now..Is where the old newsroom was..Gonna check it out.

  end 19:23 06 Jul 2004

" just visited"!!!!...AND I was "let out"!!!!!!

  Old Shep 20:29 06 Jul 2004

It's a little bit quiet in there are they all shy.

  Dorsai 20:35 06 Jul 2004

It is quiet, but that is probably coz it's new, and only just opened, and i for one only noticed it was there by tell all your friends that there is a party beer or some such....changed my mind about this bit, as it's a respectible party...but it is a good party, just needs a few more party goers that's all.

Good music, free food, late licence etc.

  Totally-braindead 22:37 06 Jul 2004

Like it FE a good idea but will people post there? I chibbed one person who was asking about webpages in the helproom a couple of weeks ago saying something like you'd get a better response in the WebDesign forum and he said it was very quiet in there and he found better response in the helproom forum. Wasn't really much I could say to that. How about a new forum about Tiscali disk glue, it comes up every month after all! Only joking FE will watch with interest.

  Chegs ® 02:46 07 Jul 2004

It is quiet in the other parts of the forum compared to the helproom as most problem posers need an answer yesterday,and the web design users need a bit of time to interpret the posts into "How they would do it..." I rarely post in consumer watch,so wouldn't know the level of responses. ;-)

Speakers Corner(so far)has beaten the spam mail,with the "new response" emails. ;-)

  hugh-265156 02:50 07 Jul 2004


  vinnyT 12:47 07 Jul 2004

No more forums(?) after this one please. I spend too much time in here as it is;-)

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