Seen this network problem at all?

  Chris the Ancient 10:03 17 Dec 2003


Two home PCs toddling along quite nicely in XP Home and talking to each other, the router and the great outside world with no problems.

Along comes a 2nd hand IBM ThinkPad 600 running on Win 98SE.

I've tried all sorts to connect to the home network and (sort of) got part way there. I can see other computers on the network and get data from them. I can't see the lappie in Network places and I can't export to the 'fixed' machines.

Simple. I need to set sharing.

I have.

But... I can't set any of the folders to sharing! It is not an option in the drop-downs!

The network troubleshooter doesn't help. It tells me to set file sharing and then share the files. Listen, you dumb machine, I've done that. So the machine sulks and can't think of any more ideas.

Neither can I!

Can you?

Probably can't catch up with this thread until this evening when I get back in, but all ideas and contributions will be gratefully accepted, read, tried and reported back on.



  Sir Radfordin 10:27 17 Dec 2003

Got any firewalls running in that setup anywhere? They can cause endless greif!

It may well be the shares you've set up that are causing problems. XP can be very fussy sometimes over what it does and doesn't allow.

May be worth starting again to see where you end up next time around!

  Chris the Ancient 10:43 17 Dec 2003

Hi Sir R!

Interesting thought I read as I pass by on my way out (should have left 10 minutes ago!).

The only firewall hovering around is the in-built one in the router. Within the lappie, I can't find one existing - but I shall have another probe tonight. There shouldn't be one in 98SE that I know of and there's certainly not been one loaded.

Would that cause the lack of sharing ability?

If you could have seen me last night, I tried the lot. Re-ran all variations on the network set up routine from from XP (as they recommended). I crashed the network s-o-o-o many times that by the end of the evening, I could rebuild it almost with my eyes shut!

No doubt I shall be trying the same again tonight!


  Sir Radfordin 11:31 17 Dec 2003

I spent about 3 hours trying to get two XP machines to talk once. Took me that long to realise that ZoneAlarm still got in the way even when disabled. Only when I uninstalled it was the problem solved.

There isn't one built into Win98 so only if someone has installed one would it be there.

Just re-read your post so is this right:

XP 1 see/share with XP 2 and the outside world

XP 2 see/share with XP 1 and the outside world

98 can see XP1 and XP2 but can't share?

You could check that 98 is getting an IP address from the router - and that it isn't on a fixed IP. On some routers you can fix access to only certain MAC addresses - assume you haven't got that?

XP1, XP2 and 98 should all be in the same workgroup. XP has been known to add itself into other workgroups but Win98 won't do that.

Can't think of much else right now, but if you post back this evening I'll look out for you!

  Chris the Ancient 16:42 17 Dec 2003

Popped if for a cuppa and a look.

In answer to your Q's, - my A's...

ZoneAlarm - long gone and destroyed - purely for those reasons and a good solid firewall on the router.

XP 1 see/share with XP 2 and the outside world - Yup!

XP 2 see/share with XP 1 and the outside world - Yup!

98 can see XP1 and XP2 but can't share? 98 can also see (and communicate?) with the outside world. I can call up other sites as required. Also tried different ones to make sure that the Temp Files weren't holding details.

Dynamic addressing in use and the router has a pool of thru to 254 and the lappie's being given

At one point there was a collapse of workgroup - probably caused by my finger stuck in an intriguing place! But that sorted OK.

The lappie is not on at the moment and I need to find some space for it again - so I'll have to do that later when I'm back again.

I'm going to try an sfc to see if that can get me back the ability to share files - which tho' selected, doesn't seem to make the offer in the file/folder Properties. I'll also feed back on how successful (or not) that was. My very narrowly focussed brain keeps going back to this inability to share files. But again, what do I know? If I did, I wouldn't be askin' !

Back later...


  Taran 17:06 17 Dec 2003

You're certain that you've enabled file and printer sharing on the Win98 laptop for the TCP/IP adapter ?

If you've got as far as you have and can get external traffic and can see the other machines on the network, other than some goosed files it's difficult to see what could be stopping things.

Try deselecting the file and printer sharing (uninstalls and prompts for *yawn* restart) then reverse the process when it starts up again to reapply it.

It almost has to be something simple if you're at the stage you say you are - no offense meant.

I hate network troubleshooting...

  Chris the Ancient 18:48 17 Dec 2003

No offence taken! The thing that's simple is me!

I'm going to immerse myself into the durned thing again.

I shall be trying all the suggestions to date. You might hear the screams - anywhere in the UK mainland. Let's hope that they're screams of pleasure ;0)


  Chris the Ancient 19:20 17 Dec 2003


You have just made an old man happy!

Did as you said, removed the file sharing thingy, rebooted, *yawn*, reloaded the file sharing thingy, rebooted, *yawn*, re-wizarded (is there such a word?) the network from the 'server' and all is working!

As you said, a simple solution... but it worked. All the time I was just looking for the obscure and difficult.

All I need to do now is work out how to stop the internal modem caption coming on when I insert the PCM network card...


When I can do that, I'll resolve the thread completely!


  Chris the Ancient 20:12 17 Dec 2003

All is now running fairly sweetly.

Not sure what I did for that final cure of killing the modem caption apart from disabling it, uninstalling it and letting P & P put it back in. But I shall not compain on that score.

Sir Radfordin. My thanks for giving me hope and ideas when I was really desperate and wondering if I could do it.

Taran. Thanks for pointing me into things that worked.

I'm extremely grateful to you both - and to those that looked, thought and whatever.


  Taran 20:28 17 Dec 2003

"..those that looked, thought and whatever..."

You actually believe I think about it when I post this drivel ?

On a weekday ?


  Chris the Ancient 20:33 17 Dec 2003

What you did (and I know you did think) helped - and there ain't no getting away from it.

I also KNOW that you help loads of us in this here den of iniquity
and that's something we're all grateful for.

I shall now stop being all slooshy and things before FE locks the thread!!!


This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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