Seem Unable to scan document

  ponytail 12:57 15 Dec 2015

I have to scan a receipt but when I try I get this message.

DCP-J315W LAN cannot be found If the device is OFF turn ON the device Check the I/F cable connection between the device and the computer If the scanner is working with another application cancell scanning or wait untill the scan job finishes and try again.

The printer is on and prints fine it is connected wirelessly. Has anyone got any ideas any help appreciated.Thanks

  xania 14:13 17 Dec 2015

I assume that you have been able to scan at some time, but I would say your printer driver is at fault.

Have you tried the troubleshooting guide in your user manual. Also, look at this site for help direct from Brother:

click here no joy, your safest bet would be to uninstall the printer in its entirety, disconnect the printer from the PC, reboot the PC and reinstall connecting the printer only when instructed to do so.


  morddwyd 19:49 17 Dec 2015

What is the printer?

Some printers, in particular HP, can get very flakey about witless scanning, even though they have performed adequately for months.

If using an Ethernet connection is not practical, try disconnecting from the mains (unplug, not just switch off) for a minute and going through set upm again.

  lotvic 20:42 17 Dec 2015

It's a Brother DCP-J315W multifunction WiFi

  lotvic 20:44 17 Dec 2015

HP, can get very flakey about witless scanning

thank goodness it's a Brother

  RV510 21:40 17 Dec 2015

My brother has the exact same printer and he had the same issue, that's the problem with this one, it's WiFi only, no cable connection facility. He cured the problem by uninstalling the software and reinstalling again as you would have when you purchased it. If for any reason you can't cure the problem ring up Brother and ask them.

  lotvic 21:51 17 Dec 2015

What is your brothers phone number? (I'm into witless scanning) I'll get me coat...

  martd7 00:24 18 Dec 2015


That certainly made me laugh

  Newuser939 17:50 18 Dec 2015

It might depend on what program you are using to scan the document. With some programs, the first time you use them to scan you have to "tell" the program which scanner to use. Often there is a menu option to "select source" or similar.

  RV510 18:22 18 Dec 2015

The scanner software that's installed when you set up the unit is the programme, you power on the scanner and open the programme that relates to it, the scanner software, and then choose the function, scan, scan to file, scan to print or scan to email or whatever. If the scanner wont operate it is either the software or the PC cannot communicate with it. There should be included in the software a troubleshooting section.

  lotvic 19:29 18 Dec 2015

ponytail, I know you're sometimes not the best at posting back, but let us know if you have clicked on xania's link yet? and followed the steps as per 'I can print but cannot scan via network. (For Windows®)' click here

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