Seem to be making things worse!!

  001dotty 23:46 22 Jan 2009

As past postings this week probs started with new video card and loss of sound. Seems loss of audio devisce is a common prob with no clear solution?

Tried many tweeks in threads etc with no sucess

Now with putting card in and out and removing old drivers the PC wont even auto recognise the new card when put in and will not give a display with the video card in place - I have to remove card and use the basic mother board out put.

I think I need to use system restore ? But it says it cant go back - another thread said this must be run in safe mode to work? How do I get to safe mode?...

Obviously I'm not too good at this! Running XP, card detais etc on my last couple of posts

I am getting desperate and my wife is getting ready for divorce!!would greatly appreciaate any help

Many Thanks

  MAJ 00:07 23 Jan 2009

It sounds (no pun intended) like you have a faulty graphics card, but as I haven't seen your other thread and you haven't supplied a link to it, it's difficult to say.

"How do I get to safe mode?..."

You don't need to run System Restore from Safe Mode, but you get to Safe Mode by pressing F8 on startup and choosing the Safe Mode option from the Advanced Startup Menu.

  lotvic 00:31 23 Jan 2009

Links to previous two posts
click here
click here

001dotty please stick to one thread, it gets confusing if you have several threads with the same problem.

  001dotty 01:03 25 Jan 2009

Thank you Maj and lotvic

Sorry did not follow up correctly.

Video now working OK but still have same prob as many others with No sound device able to be selected...

Yet another silly question - could this simply be overcome by installing a basic sound card, I guess with its own software??

Really am quite desperate now!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:58 25 Jan 2009

AS per your first thread HMDI sound is set as the default device NOT your sound chip on your board

Double click on the blue words click here

this will open a window to another thread, follow that thread to disable HMDI sound on the ATI card and renable sound to your green plug.

  001dotty 18:16 25 Jan 2009

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\ - basic problem is that under control panel I cant select any device as they are all greyed out!

Ive tried all options of turning devices on and off but bottom line is media player etc still say "no device installed".

I did today even buy and install a very basic sound card - no effect and still geyed out so cant select even this new one despite installing the drivers

As a last resort would a XP re-install overcome the problems? I have backed up all imp files but biggest worry is will all the settings i.e. for accounts ect and b'Band would all need to be stated again?? Or would a basic re-install leave these as is?

Sure someone has found a way to solve this, but seems I cant!

Many Thanks in advance

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