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  skipjacck 22:20 28 Aug 2003

Via snailmail I have received an offer for Broadband. Connection at 512k, unlimited pop3 addresses,domain hosting etc etc This for £200 per year + £50 connection ( one off ).
At less than £17 a month it sounds good. Does anyone have knowledge or dealing with

  jazzypop 22:31 28 Aug 2003

I have no direct knowledge of them. I would be wary for the following reasons -

1. If they are charging almost the same rate as they are being charged by BT, how will they generate sufficient profit to cover their overheads and stay in business long enough for you to enjoy 12 months of use.

2. If they go bust after 3 months, what happens to your £150 (unused subscription).

3. If their web page is unavailable now (www, what sort of availability do you expect their service to provide.

As I say, I have no actual knowledge of them - but having seen many 'unlimited access' dial-up ISPs go belly-up, I am wary about paying a year's subscription to any new start-up ISP.

There are many reputable ISPs that allow you to pay monthly, quite a few are only a pound or two per month more expensive. Shop around is my advice :)

  krypt1c 22:37 28 Aug 2003

Have a look here for bb isp info click here

  jazzypop 22:45 28 Aug 2003

click here to see a list of ISPs (not all, just the 'main' ones), sorted by Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for 1 year.

You will see several cheaper than e7even. I can vouch for Plusnet and Virgin as being good reliable providers, at about the same cost.

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