seeing other computers win xp on the network on my

  grimbler 23:08 11 May 2004

i can connect to the net thru my network via the winxp computer with broadband however i cannot see any other computer from this m/c i have client protocol tcp/ip netbui and file sharing all microsoft any suggestions?

  georgemac 07:15 12 May 2004

are you running a software firewall? If so you may have to change the setting to make it allow sharing between the pc's.

How many pc's are on your network, how are they connected together, i.e. wired router, wireless, nub? and how is your broadband modem connected to the network, i.e. to a router or to 1 pc with a usb connection?

  georgemac 07:11 13 May 2004

Info from grimbler for others to help.

"i have five computers linked by wire with one computer as the broadband connector using a usb modem the firewall allows the other computers to see each other and indeed the win98 connection i am i assume missing some prtocol or other on the win 98x comp?"

I have no experience with networking w98 or w98/xp mix.

Do you have the correct w98 drivers for the network interface card on the w98 pc?

click here is a good site for networking help, if you go to how to set up your first ethernet network at home, step 4 it has advice on w98 settings.

I also assume you have either a network hub or router? and you are attempting to connect using windows internet connection sharing from the main pc, rather than having the modem connected to a router?

Sorry I cannot help more, some others will be able to help you.

  georgemac 07:33 13 May 2004

I have seen comments that it is not always the best soloution to use windows internet connection sharing, and that sometimes it is better to use proxy software to share your internet connection.

click here have a look at this thread and the link in there for some advice.

Also who is your broadand ISP and what package are you on? Some block multiple computer connections (I have heard)

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