Seedy W2000

  Diemmess 18:48 15 Dec 2004

My dependant family again!

Win 2K recovered from serious spyware damage is still ailing.

Repeated restorations of an Image collapse as
they are used, eventually becoming unbootable.

Spy*.* and avg and zone alarm all updated and run.

Will bite the bullet and reinstall after format, unless someone tells me to try feeding the installation disk first, because I feel the o/s is terminally damaged.

  seedie 19:34 15 Dec 2004

I assume you made the image *before* all the damage was done? Reformat and then install the image.

good luck with this


  seedie 19:38 15 Dec 2004

while ago I had a disk so bad I had to write zeros to it with utility from HD manufacturer. If you have good image this may be worth considering.


  Diemmess 19:58 15 Dec 2004

NOto the Ghost image until AFTER I had "recovered" the original setup.

The image restores a useless system to one that appears alright until about the second bootup when it starts to whinge like an old hypochondiac, moaning about can't find this, or that is corrupt...-try safe mode when it finally reoots itself in the middle, appears to come alive and then starts to moan about net access!!

Clearly NOT a good image though I shall be able to waste half an hour tomorrow when I bring the lot back home and restore the image so that at least I can backup all the data before formatting and a new system.

I just wondered if anyone knew of a miracle cure? like SFC or repairing W2000?

  GaT7 20:48 15 Dec 2004

You can 'repair' Win2K - click here (for the main Win2K webpage click here). Good luck. G

  GaT7 21:12 15 Dec 2004

Have you tried a registry repair? click here to get the Win2K Registry Repair Utility.

Other links related to Win2K repair that may be useful: click here, click here, click here, click here. G

  GaT7 21:16 15 Dec 2004

"Note: Depending on the type of registry corruption that has occurred, running this utility could result in some data loss from the registry. Also, this utility may be unable to repair some types of registry corruptions."

  Diemmess 21:47 15 Dec 2004

Thanks for the idea and the caveat.

At the moment I think I can recover all that is needed and then I'm split between a total re- install to a clean sheet...... but might give your idea a whirl once anything important is safe.

Once it is over I'll post again

  Diemmess 08:44 17 Dec 2004

Gave up and started from scratch. Running HyperOs means each family member can run their own computer, and have a backup image if they mess up!

The downside is the hours it took to arrange this, and the likelihood that each user may find they have to reboot to their computer unless they were last to use it.

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