Security for a wireless network

  Gymy 16:21 20 Mar 2006

Thanks to previous advice from helproom users, I have now established my wireless network for my laptop.
I am now concerned about security. The set up is as follows: main PC has a wired connection - cable modem to Belkin pre-n router, router to PC via USB/ethernet adaptor. I have then been able to connect my laptop wirelessly.
However, when I went into the wireless connection properties using my laptop, it says that, for network authentification there is 'open access' and that data encryption is disabled. I tried changing the data encryption to WEP, but coming out and going back in, it didn't keep this setting.
Do I have to set the security side of things on the main PC? Can someone please advise what I need to do because I know something needs doing but have little idea as to exactly what or how.
Thanks very much.

  dms05 16:31 20 Mar 2006

Gymy - you need to set up WEP from the computer connected by the ethernet cable to the router, you can't do it from the WiFi connection. Just set up WEP on the router from the ethernet PC and then on the WiFi laptop run the XP 'View Wireless Connections' and enter the WEP key when requested.

  Gymy 16:40 20 Mar 2006

Forgive my ognorance, but should there have been some software with the router to enable me to do this? or is there another way?
When I installed the router, it went wrong. the wizzard skipped to the end missing some stages and despite re-trying, it wouldn't work. So someone from the technical support team taked me through the connection and configuring.
My PC is quite elderly and not wi-fi enabled itself. But surely this shouldn't be a problem?

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