Security Update 811493

  Lozzy 08:18 29 May 2003

The Windows kernel is the core of the operating system. It provides system level services such as device and memory management, allocates processor time to processes, and manages error handling. There is a flaw in the way the kernel passes error messages to a debugger. This flaw causes a vulnerability. An attacker could write a program to exploit this flaw and run code of their choice. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to take any action on the system including deleting data, adding accounts with administrative access, or reconfiguring the system.

For an attack to be successful, an attacker would have to be able to log on interactively to the system, either at the console or through a terminal session. Also, a successful attack would require the introduction of code to exploit this vulnerability. Security Best Practices resources recommend that you restrict the ability to log on interactively on servers. As a result, this issue most directly affects client systems and terminal servers. For more information about Security Best Practices resources, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

  Andsome 08:53 29 May 2003

Tried your link out of curiousity earlier,(I have had no bother with this download). The link went to a page showing that the page requested was not available and has possibly been moved. However I received notification this morning that 811493 was available. I went to the update page, and although as I said I already have this updtae, it did download and install, so I assume that I now have the corrected version. I now note that your posting has been modified and the link no longer shows.

If anyone who has had problems with the update goes to Windows update, they should also be offered the modified version.

  kentylad 09:01 29 May 2003

Wasn't this the security update that many had problems with i.e. it slowed the computer? Also, many people had it installed (inc. myself) to whom it wasn't neccessary. I only have a small P2P network, and unless my father or brother become possessed, then I have no real threat

Read into the vulnerability before downloading; even if it is classified as a 'critical update' by MS



  -pops- 09:15 29 May 2003

The new version is dated 28 May 2003 so it seems they have sorted something out with its previous problem.

I strongly agree with kentylad about reading up on the vulnerabilities that critical updatea are claimed to address. What may be critical to some are totally irrelevant to others and do nothing except take up disk space - or worse - sometimes make you machine almost grind to a halt.


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