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Whilst browsing the internet; my computer page - that is hard Drives and all turned up with a windows defender warning (Logo attached) warning of worms, trojan infection etc: download Security Tool to remove. I then got the bill for $79 or something of that order. Oh boy did I feel foolish! I managed to run "Spyware Doctor" which identified the 'bogus Security Tool and gave me the option of fixing. Havingjumped at the option and being congratulated that all was back to normal when up popped three flags in the middle of my screen from my friend the Security Tool.
When I started up today I soon had my three flags back and unable to run any other apps, but looking in 'Start' Task manager, I guessed that 626412.exe was the problem which I clicked to 'end process. and sure enough it went off the screen. My question to the forum: How will I remove it entirely from my computer. I'm a bit long winded I know but I would be most grateful for a simple answer. Thaanks in anticipation.

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Just had in a system with this problem - fixed it from the instructions on the website given by buteman.

Follow the instructions carefully - they do work.

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On powering up today I found my three Security Tool flags as before. I entered the 'Startup Manager and found the file location in AppData- Local. I tried to delete but was not allowed - did not have the authority? I then discovered 'buteman' mail and went to work via the link. I had only started in to the process when I got a flag from my security provider (above) that I had a bogus security infection with the offer to fix. I clicked yes to thisand congrats in return I proceeded to download the recommended scanner from your link and after a full scan 74 minutes there was no infection found. I looked at every section on NotePad; nothing.I have restarted my computer in the meantime and all appearss to be well.Action 21 in the 'link' recommends replacing "Windows HOSTS File" but I'm somewhat afraid of this action as I'm not very familar with file location etc. I would be interested in any further comments or observations you might have - Am I on the clear?

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"when I got a flag from my security provider (above) that I had a bogus security infection with the offer to fix. I clicked yes to this..."

Not the correct thing to do - you should never accept an "offer" from a program to fix an infection.

You should have followed the instructions exactly from the link - first downloading and running rkill and then downloading Malwarebytes and changing it's name before installing and running. Every step exactly as written.

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All of the above with the exception of the "fix". I had an uneasy feeling when nothing at all was found by the SCANNER could the "fix" have hidden it? There is absolutely noting of it showing at the moment, and I have powered off and back on. But to be honest I'm here sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for that dreadful noise that accompany the flaging of worms, trojans etc., etc.
Thanks for the help.

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