Security Tester?

  mark3986 22:05 25 Apr 2009

hi is the a programme or software out there that i could use to test my computers security defenses to see how safe my computer is?thanks

  MAJ 22:07 25 Apr 2009
  mark3986 22:11 25 Apr 2009

wot is it mate

  MAJ 22:18 25 Apr 2009

It's a number of tests. Start with the Shields Up test, it will show you how visible your system is on the net, if you have any open ports and if you are surfing in Stealth mode.

  DieSse 23:42 25 Apr 2009

However, that's just the Firewall - you can't test how good your AV software is, or your anti-spyware/malware - you'll need to rely on professional test houses, who feed it with reams of viruses to see how well it detects them.

Such as - The Virus Bulletin - click here

  Belatucadrus 00:05 26 Apr 2009

click here may also be of interest.

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