security scan

  pat2068 00:16 28 Jun 2003

i have avg anti virus and zone alarm {free}and when i scan with shields up it is telling me that my comp is safe but when i scan with symantec it is telling ne it is not safe can someone please tell me what one to believe thanks mary

  jazzypop 00:18 28 Jun 2003

What is the 'not safe' warning you get from Symantec?

  pat2068 00:27 28 Jun 2003

symantec are telling me that my browser and anti virus definition scans are not safe thanks mary

  jazzypop 00:31 28 Jun 2003

The 'virus definitions scans' warning simply means that you have not performed a full system check with your anti-virus software recently. Start Norton anti-virus, do a full system scan, revisit the site and that warning will disappear.

Do they not give any specific information about why your browser isn't safe?

  powerless 00:32 28 Jun 2003

Port 80.

  pat2068 00:35 28 Jun 2003

no specific information if its port 80 as powerless says how do i close it thanks mary

  jazzypop 00:35 28 Jun 2003

I'll 'see' your Port 80, and raise you a Port 83.

Signed Baffled of Tunbridge Wells

  pat2068 00:43 28 Jun 2003

i have checked with shields up and my port 80 is stealth and so are all the other ports it probed so can you please what i have to look for with symentic telling me my browser is not safe thanks mary

  powerless 00:47 28 Jun 2003

Click "Show Details".

  powerless 00:58 28 Jun 2003


Checks your Web browser settings to determine whether your browsing history is available to other Web sites.


WARNING! Your Web browser is not configured to protect your browsing history. This means your surfing habits are potentially available to unknown individuals and companies.


Reconfigure your web browser to hide your recent history from prying eyes. To get extensive privacy protection, install a personal firewall or a full Internet security suite.

I just ignore it.

  pat2068 01:03 28 Jun 2003

i have zone alarm free installed should that not be enough shields up tell me all my ports are stealth what else can i do as i havent got any idea how to configure my browser help please thanks mary

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