Security Scam ???

  Mike 16:54 04 Oct 2011

Today I received a phone call from someone who said he represented "The Global Maintenance Department of Microsoft".

The reason he gave me for the call was that my computer had been sending error messages to Microsoft and he could help me with my problem. To prove who he was he said that Microsoft were the only people who knew my CLS ID. and he would ask me to key in some information that would display my computers CIS ID. this he would read out to me, confirming his identity.

Eventually I got him to give me the CLS ID. and call me back tomorrow.

I keyed the number into the registry but couldn't find it.

Do you think this is a scam to sell me anti malware or what !!!!?????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:06 04 Oct 2011

Well known scam

he would ask me to key in some information what did he ask you to key in?

Hope you haven't allowed remote access :0(

CLSIDs are used by Windows to identify software components without having to know their "name". They can also be used by software applications to identify a computer, file or other item. Microsoft provides a utility (program) called GUIDGEN.EXE that generates these numbers. They are generated by using the current time, network adapter address (if present) and other items in your computer so that no two numbers will ever be the same.

They now know your network adaptor address.

What sort of security software are you running?

  Mike 17:09 04 Oct 2011

I think I have the answer at "WhoCallsMe" at this address,

They all report the same thing.


  lotvic 17:13 04 Oct 2011

Yes, if they ring again tell them to go forth and mulitply.

They are trying to take Remote control of your pc by conning you to connect to a website and then download Remote control software. They will then tell you all about your 'Serious Errors' (cough cough) and pretend to fix them and get you to sign up to their annual fixer program which will entail you giving them your bank details and parting with money....

Do a google for 'Microsoft Scam phone calls'

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:14 04 Oct 2011

Make sure you antivirus and Antimalware programs are up to date and run them.

There are plenty of good free programs you can use post back if you need further advice on making your machine secure.

  Mike 17:22 04 Oct 2011

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\

I gave him no information what so ever, I just kept asking him for proof of who he was, he was quiet forceful and I could see someone giving in to his repeated explanation that he was from Microsoft. At the time no computers were on. I only switched my Mac on to do a search for my question.

What can they do with my network adaptor address, my router is secure, should I change the password?

I run Panda Global Security.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:40 04 Oct 2011

Sounds as if you did the right thing.

A Mac wouldn't be sending error message to Microsoft :0)

  Mike 17:47 04 Oct 2011

Hi lotvic,

Yep a scam I reckoned it was but thought I should shoot of the question to the PC Advisor forum first before the search so see what you all thought about it If anything it will help keep scams in the forefront.

Hey where's the switch to tick, question answered.?

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