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Security Risk In Uploading From Hard Drive?

  Laurence WM 16:28 27 Jul 2013

Is there any security risk in uploading pictures from your hard drive on to the net, to a blog, for instance? Could a hacker possibly detect your IP address, or anything?

Thanks very much indeed, Laurence

  alanrwood 13:08 28 Jul 2013

Not as far as I am aware.

  alanrwood 13:12 28 Jul 2013

PS If they can find your IP address what do you think they can do with it. IP addresses are allocated by your ISP on a dynamic basis. If you switch off your router for about 30 mins you will almost certainly be allocated a new IP when you switch it back on. The one you currently have has probably been allocated to many people before you who will probably have used it many ways. So long as you have a firewall I would not worry about this

  alanrwood 09:55 29 Jul 2013

Hi rdave13

Yes that is a belt and braces approach which should give the OP peace of mind. Personaly I wouldn't bother. Just as a matter of interest if the photo is from a camera and simply copied to the computer how can the metadata include details of the computer. Is it rewritten or something during the copy stage. Can't think that such a thing is the norm but I stand to be corrected if you have evidence to the contrary.

  Laurence WM 17:29 29 Jul 2013

Thanks a lot, Alan and RDave. My IP doesn't actually change as frequently as you suggest, Alan, even when I switch off the router for long periods, but this sounds like it doesn't matter in this case.

Rdave, I particularly appreociate the detailed instructions (although I'm using XP Service Pack 3, on which the menus aren't quite the same). I assume you are writing about one's own photos, rather than images downloaded from the net?

Cheers, Laurence

  alanrwood 10:17 30 Jul 2013

rdave13. Many thanks for the additional info. I wonder where it got the authors name from if it was just copied from a camera or was it just the name of the person who's account was being used at the time it was copied to the computer. If so I wonder then what happens when it is subsequently uploaded elsewhere. Does it then change. I have had a look at a few of my photos and the meta data does not give my name . It simply gives owner as "Administrator" and the computer name and path

  Laurence WM 22:51 30 Jul 2013


I've been using a laptop with Windows 7 so have been able to follow your instructions (from your first post exactly and see just you mean, so many thanks for that.

I have also downloaded from Stockvault. The details of the photo were all blank. The info at the bottom - folder path, owner's name - were those of the laptop I was using, i.e. nothing to do with the photographer or uploader.

Thanks again, Laurence

  Laurence WM 20:24 31 Jul 2013

Thanks a lot for going to this trouble, rdave13.

It looks like there's no evident danger of uploading giving away more than you want it to.

Cheers, Laurence

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