security and re install advice

  J-san 04:12 23 May 2008

Hi guys
I recently had a problem with trojans on my computer, I seem to have fixed the problem (thanks to everyone who helped) but am left wondering if i should change my security. I'm running NOD antivirus is it a better av than AVG free software or would it be a good idea to change over? Also, if I have anymore trojan probs and have to re install what programs would I lose? I have made system recovery discs and backed up all my music and photos. I've never done a re install before so am a bit apprehensive.

  rawprawn 07:45 23 May 2008

In my opinion NOD32 is the best AV there is.
If you want total security for the future invest in Acronis True Image 11 click here
It is money well spen tand you will never regret it

  [email protected] 08:49 23 May 2008

Bacically, when you re-install the OS, that's all there is on the HDD. You will have to install all the necessary drivers for your hardware including motherboard. There is a software called Driver Magician (I think) which will back up all your drivers for you and allow you to re-install in one go after a re-install. I have never done this so maybe someone else can comment.
Is NOD a free program? Usually the free versions required regular manual scanning - the best way to protect yourself if this is the case. Lots of people think because they have a free AV program in place they are safe!!! Wrong !!! All they do is update the data base of nasties for you to use when you scan manually.
Opinions will vary on the best AV to use but in the end it's down to the user how he protects himself.
AVG is very good, so is A Squared, both free.
The best is when you pay and you have continual protection - not just when you scan manually.
I have used McAfee since I began home computing 7yrs ago, with no problems. Doesn't mean I won't have them of course. My other PC's use AVG Free and A Squared with no problems either scanning manually 1 x week.
I think the main point of it all is if you go for a freebie, don't relax because it's down to you ;-)
If you download from the net, download to the same place each time then scan your download BEFORE you run it

  [email protected] 08:57 23 May 2008

PS: If you are having problems with trojans, maybe it's not your AV at fault but your surfing habits. I say this gently and mean no offense. Do you use McAfee Site Advisor which is free? I think ZoneAlarm do something similar now also - probably others.

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