security programs versus anti malware.

  alibob1526 18:30 26 Aug 2013

At the moment I have Microsoft security essentials as my security program on my windows 7 64 bit laptop, plus a free McAfee free scan. I read that one should not have too many anti virus programs but should I have a anti-malware program as well as those mentioned above?. If so, can you advise what anti malware program is best on the free-be section. Thank You.

  alanrwood 19:45 26 Aug 2013

Malwarebytes is compatible with MSE so try the free version

  tullie 14:20 28 Aug 2013

Only one AV

  john bunyan 20:06 28 Aug 2013

One Av but I suggest the free versions of Superantispyware and Malawarebytes. They each. Have their virtues _ update and scan every few days. I do them almost daily and find ad aware tracking cookies in the main.

  iscanut 21:11 28 Aug 2013

Just be aware that the free Malwarebytes is good at scanning BUT it does not check for nasties in real time, you have to do a scan as john above suggests.

  chirozito 14:27 30 Aug 2013

I recommend Fixico. It's a managed antivirus service which includes automatic updates and patches for programs and OS to close security holes. Especially those nasty security holes in JAVA and Adobe that hackers use every other second to infiltrate someone's computer. It's a pay service but they offer a free 14 day trial. Check it out - click here (It's compatible with MSE)

And in general - Running two antivirus solutions is not recommended. MSE is considered a pretty strong antivirus program, but like someone else said in this thread I'm not sure how effective it is for real-time protection.

  lotvic 00:10 31 Aug 2013

chirozito, you cannot be serious. Monthly fee $5 to a company that has no address or phone number that I could find and only way to make contact is a web message pop up on the 'contact us' link on webpage. Then download a program and allow it to make changes to your pc... (cough, cough, splutter)

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