Security programs and Delayed start in Services

  birdface 14:13 01 Jan 2012

I have Emisoft and Eset what would happen if if I changed them from automatic start to a delayed start in Services.

Does the delayed start take a while before it works.

Is it a bad idea to change them or could I just change the one or none.

Just trying to get the computer to start that bit quicker without using 25% of the CPU at times.

  northumbria61 14:18 01 Jan 2012

If ESET is your Anti Virus that should start when your PC starts - Emisoft is Anti-Malware and could be set to Delayed Startup.

  northumbria61 14:29 01 Jan 2012

Emisoft - You could set this to Manual if you only use it now and then.

  birdface 18:56 01 Jan 2012

Sorry about the delay.Have been doing my free taxi service.

It is the start up guard on the Pro version of Emisoft that sort of uses up the CPU then sometimes it is Eset.

The start up guard stops you from opening bad sites when browsing.So not sure which one would be best for the delayed start.

But only one way to find out I suppose.Any idea as to how long delayed start takes before starting.

Just going to try Eset on the delayed start first.

  birdface 19:21 01 Jan 2012

Well that must have cut 20-30 seconds of the start time.

That's with Eset on the delayed start.

  Sea Urchin 19:50 01 Jan 2012

Hi buteman

That's a good result. I believe I'm right in thinking that you use WinPatrol Plus - and you can achieve a delayed start for any startup program within that. Easier to play about with than going into Services etc.

  birdface 20:38 01 Jan 2012

Sea Urchin

You are right I do use Winpatrol plus but nothing shows up on it on delayed start.

Just noticed another update for it since last week so will update it and see if it shows Ok then.

  Sea Urchin 20:47 01 Jan 2012

You go into Startup programs, then right-click and select "Move to delayed start program list".

  birdface 20:50 01 Jan 2012

Sea Urchin

Ok thanks for that I was wondering why it was blank.

I will use that from now on.

  birdface 21:48 01 Jan 2012

Ok will now class as resolved.Thanks for all advice.

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