"Security Patch" Viruses

  Bellboy 09:53 22 Sep 2003

How many people are being targetted with these posts purpoting to be sent from Microsoft?
I have had about 30 over this weekend and they are slowing down my internet connection.
Is everyone getting them, or have I just P***ed someone off?

  pinka 09:55 22 Sep 2003

ive not had any

  FRANKMAC 09:59 22 Sep 2003

you are not alone...i've been getting about 25 each day for last week ! ....dont be tempted to open any of them.

Having said that my internet connection still seems ok. Broadband

  Bellboy 10:11 22 Sep 2003

....dont be tempted to open any of them. I won't.

Do you know what it does?

  FRANKMAC 10:29 22 Sep 2003

Sorry, not to sure what type of virus, but there was an article in this forum yesterday, and most responses stated in was difficult to get rid of.
Im sure someone will reply with more details, this will bring you back to the top.

  Bellboy 10:49 22 Sep 2003

There seems to be a lack of official recognition of this problem. I have chacked the Tiscali site and newsgroups.


  badgery 10:53 22 Sep 2003

Yes, me too, had about a dozen of them so far. I open nothing but this did look 'official'. Still in the dark about what it is.

  smegs 11:39 22 Sep 2003

Hello. I had an email that I did open last week, like a fool. I had a warm, Norton picked it up & I thought I'd deleted it, but when I had finished on the Net, I tried to do some work on the Pc, I couldn't work anything with an .EXE at the end. I ended up Formatting & reinstalling. Again, DON'T open these emails!!! Good Luck everyboby. Shaun

  Jester2K II 12:44 22 Sep 2003

The e-mails you are gettign are coming from someone PC who has the virus. Your e-mail address is in their contacts. Its not targetted. All you can do is delete them.

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