Security log wireless router

  suedeblue 19:26 12 May 2005

I've got a Belkin wireless router and the security log records "Smurf" followed by an ip address. Is this someone trying to gaiin access to my system?
I've got 128 wep and a firwall installled. Should I be concerned?

  bosmere 19:34 12 May 2005

Don't really understand it but it looks like it may be some protection (or if I'm misreading it, an attack).
click here

  bosmere 19:37 12 May 2005

btw their home page is click here if you want to read from the beginning.

  suedeblue 19:50 12 May 2005

Thanks. I'm not quite sure what it is but it seems to be some sort of network trying to access my system.

  bosmere 20:06 12 May 2005

suedeblue I've got a Belkin wireless router - how do you access the security log?

I can see if mine says something similar, but I haven't got WEP or WPA enabled.

  suedeblue 20:35 12 May 2005

I enter it via my favourites and press submit then a menu on the left side of the screen as below. It is under wan ping blocking.

LAN Settings

DHCP Client List

Internet WAN
Connection Type
Channel and SSID
Application Gateways
Virtual Servers
Client IP Filters
MAC Address Filtering
WAN Ping Blocking
Security Log
Restart Router
Restore Factory Default
Save/Backup Settings
Restore Previous Settings
Firmware Update
System Settings

  bosmere 09:09 13 May 2005

What's the address in your favourites?

  suedeblue 11:25 15 May 2005

bosmere, thanks its sorted. I went onto netscan and have found what I needed.

The only reason I have wep is for wireless network.

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